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Things I'd like to see on TC's Reunion show.

Since I am bored and stuck in a horrible audio conference.....

1) Jaime and Stefan announce they are engaged. Jaime will be wearing a short sleeve tux to show off her tats and Stefan will be wearing cute little Vera Wang dress.

2) Leah and Hosea jumping in to make it a double wedding.

3) Stefan going off on Tom, screaming: "What the hell did I ever do to you!"

4) Carla taking surprise guest Casey to her happy place, .....and leave her there.

5) Jeff and Super Surprise Guest Dr. Chase showing up together, debunking the myth that they are one and the same.

6) The first two contestants thrown off will come back and talk about how they got out of the culinary field because of the trauma they felt from the experience.

7) A special reel of excruciating metaphors from Toby Young are gathered together and shown, the reel will be burned in a bonfire along with TY in effigy after the show.

8) Gail reveals she has joined the Victoria Secrets girls in lieu of participating in any other TC seasons. She will be the push up bra model.

9) Ariane will show up wrapped in bandages, something about a butchering experiment gone wrong.

10) Radhica will announce that she no longer wants to be Indian.

11) Melissa announces that she has cornered the world Habanero market.

12) Fabio will shock everyone by speaking in perfect English and reveal that he is actually a guy named Joe from Joisey.

13) Gene and Danny will corner Coliccio, get into a fist fight about how great the deconstructed sushi dish really is and Colicchio will kick their butts.

14) Jill and Alex will get miffed when everyone keeps asking: excuse me, do we know you?

15) Andy Cohen will announce that this whole season has all been a mistake and that no one wins. It has all been a part of Victoria Principal/Bob Newhart's dream.

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    1. add to #15, he announces the new show, The Real Top Chefs of OC, NYC and ATL.

      1. Re: 12
        I choked on my coffee, thank you very much.

        Don't make me put you in the bunky beds and serve you monkey ass in a clam shell!


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        1. re: Ima Wurdibitsch

          And #5 made me choke on my brownie.

          Needs a warning label "Do not read while eating or drinking!"

        2. Ha! I like #12!

          I feel like I'm missing something...who is Dr. Chase?

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          1. 5) Jeff and Super Surprise Guest Dr. Chase showing up together, debunking the myth that they are one and the same.

            Now that's funny!!

            1. ROFLMAO!!! OMG, that must have been one helluva boring audio conference, Phaedrus! All of these are classics - this show would definitely make my Top 3 of "Watch What Happens!" shows. :-)

              1. LOL! Great stuff!

                16) Hosea and Ilan announce a joint restaurant venture.
                Ilan will cook borrowed (er... I mean "inspired") Spanish recipes and Hosea will attempt to properly cook seafood.

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                1. Oh, this is hysterical! Much more fun than listening to a boring audio conference.

                  My favorites are #5 and $12. And I guess even you forgot about Patrick and Lauren. : )

                  1. I would like to see them announce that Hosea's win was fake and they are announcing the REAL winner.

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                        1. re: bookwormchef

                          The REAL winner who is the babe that the Bachelor jilted.

                          Phaedrus, that post was the funniest thing I have read in a long, long time (even funnier than the rendition of Guac of Ages on another thread). No one is doing an homage to Padma's headlights?

                          1. re: PattiCakes

                            Padma! These are the time I wish I had a dvr or a tivo setup.