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Mar 3, 2009 06:05 AM

Birthday Brunch for 90-year old

I know there's an active thread about brunch places, but none of the suggestions seem quite right for our upcoming event. My family will be going out for brunch to celebrate my mother's 90th birthday. Since she is wheel chair bound and my 92-year old father is quite frail, our primary requirement is accessability.

Our next requirement is making the dining experience easy and pleasant, which means no buffets or, at best, buffet starters combined with a served entree. (Bonus points for a place where waiters will assist us in bringing buffet food to the table for the elderly guests of which there may be three or four.)

The final requirement is that the food taste good. Although the choices can include some degree of innovation or fusion cuisine, our crowd won't be comfortable at a place offering exclusively ethnic cuisine like Cafe Atlantico.

Hotel brunch recommendations will not be rejected even though they're not the typical Chowhound haunt.

ETA: We have no price restrictions. (It's not that we're indifferent to price, but we have other criteria which will have to take priority.) Our group will be 15-20 people.


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  1. The brunch at the Fairmont is both delicious and should be wheel chair accessible since its a hotel. It is a buffet (a HUGE one) but I imagine the staff would be helpful, especially with a group that large (they also have a private room).

    I think trying hotel brunch's might be your best bet since they are likely to be accessible and also might have a private room for you. I would look into Bistro Bis and Blue Duck Tavern.

    Does anyone know if Tabard Inn is accessible? (I imagine it has to be since it is an inn but it might be worth calling to check). Their brunch is table service (non-buffet) and you can get a lovely private room. If it is accessible this might be your best bet.

    Acadiana might also be an option (I feel like I've seen a ramp there but someone would need to double check.)

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      Tabard is not accessible unless there's a way in i don't know about - there are steps to get into the hotel.

      1. re: Jeserf

        That's what I thought...I just wasn't sure if there was a side entrance that I wasn't seeing.

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          The Tabard Inn was a favorite restaurant of a friend of mine who was wheelchair bound for the last few years of his life. He'd scoot over from his apartment a few block away on his electric scooter and come in through the kitchen. Give them a call.

      2. Perhaps Poste too, although Tabard is great, I assume it is wheelchair accessible, I think I remember seeing ramps, and it is non-buffet.

        Bistro Bis might work, I know there are a couple steps to get to part of the dining room, and there is a small upstairs, but I think there is part without stairs you might try calling. They have amazing brunch and it is not buffet.

        1. My hubby and I have two favorite places for brunch.

          Ritz Carlton in Tysons. It is about $80 per person and includes gratuity and botomless Champagne. They have a harpist that plays in the background. The brunch is buffet and you walk through the former Maestro kitchen. The staff is so amazingly accomodating there though, that having them help your parents will be no trouble. They have all of the classic faves, plus a full caviar bar, seafood bar, charcuterie, amazing desserts and made to order souffles.

          A very comfortable place with amazing food and impeccable service is L'Auberge Chez Francois in Great Falls. It is truly a special brunch, but in a place where it is easy to feel like you are with friends in thier dining room, being cared for at every turn. The staff that works there have mostly been there for years. It's a family run business. (One of the best in DC year after year) Jacques, the Chef there is funny and charming. It is easy to become a regular. It's a Pre Fix menue about $60 per person, includes all courses. They are open from 1-7 on Sundays. It is not a buffet. They truly take care of everything for you. It is my best reccommendation for your party. THey really do things right there.

          1. Hi Indy67.

            You did not specify if the restaurant needs to be downtown. O'Donnell's in Kentlands is very popular with the older/traditional set. They have private rooms and offer a nice brunch menu.

            O'Donnell's Sea Grill
            311 Kentlands Blvd, Gaithersburg, MD 20878