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Suggestions for skirt steak salad?

Next week, I am going to make a skirt steak salad for a pot luck meal. I would like to use romaine, lightly sauteed shitaake mushrooms, and red onion. Perhaps some fennel.

I am looking for any suggestions on other ingredients and/or dressing flavours. This is to be kosher, so NO cheese or other dairy.

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  1. Make a Thai peanut dressing -- easy and delicious with steak/salad. Include fresh mung bean sprouts, shredded carrot (not from a bag). It's a great taste combo.

    1. We always serve our skirt steak with a Chimichurri dressing, there are some delicious recipes for it on line and it goes perfectly with skirt steak! I might even consider using a mix of arugula and spinach instead of romaine but that is just a suggestion (and actually might make it a little soggy) but I am sure any mix of greens will be great. Maybe some large homemade toasted crusty garlic croutons served right on top or on the side. Or thinly sliced roasted red potato rounds, a little crispy around the edges, soft in the center. Just ideas off the top of my head…

      1. A great salad that we have at a restaurant is with mesclun mix (but you can use romaine if you like), sauteed peppers, onions and mushrooms, and goat cheese. The steak is served on top and then everything is dressed with a balsamic vinagrette. But care11's suggestion of a chimichurri dressing sounds amazing. I can't wait to try that personally.

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          If you're going to make the skirt steak w/chimichurri sauce (not to insult you b/c you probably already know this… but be sure to slice it in strips against the grain) it is absolutely delicious served on top of hot mashed potatoes. Looks beautiful too!

        2. For steak salad, I like make it a little heartier by tossing potatoes with olive oil and salt and then grilling them on a grill pan or on the grill...sort of a steak and potatoes theme. You could also roast them if you don't have a grill pan. They are best at room temp, and taste really yummy when they soak up the dressing. They would pair well with the mushrooms and onions and a few tomatoes. Since you can't use cheese, some toasted walnuts or pine nuts might add another dimension.

          We like a balsamic dressing with a touch of garlic, mustard and thyme, but chimichurri sounds great too.

          1. I like the sound of that chimichurri dressing, too. I'd add some toasted pine nuts and some dried tart cherries (chopped) or cranberries. Since it's a pot luck, I would serve any croutons on the side so they don't get a chance to get soggy before everyone serves up.

            1. You can add some corn and tomatoes and maybe sliced small taters that still have a little crunch.

              1. I love steak salad, it's one of our favorites. We marinate the steak first then grill (red wine vindegar garlic, red onion, lime or lemon salt and pepper).

                I like to mix romaine with spinach, red onion, and radish, crimini mushrooms, avocado, and a dressing made with lime, chili-chipotle, cream and cilantro. Instead of the cream use avocado for the cremy texture. We add the sweet little sugar tomatoes, cilantro, olives, cilantro, and cucumbers, Totally good. In the summer, I'll roast or grill corn with lime, butter and chili powder. Slice them about 2 inches (at the most) , and then toss that in as little cobbies to nibble on. Such a great salad. You can make your own little crunchies by baking seasoned flour tortilla strips, just to add another crunch to the salad. The salad is beautiful and full of so much flavor.
                You can make an excellent dressing with cilantro, red onion, serrano, chicken broth and tomatillos. Add a little oil and vinegar, whirl it in the blender, beautiful and low fat.

                1. I have been using Bittman's recipe for Thai Steak Salad from the NYT's food section.
                  Brown sugar.
                  Lime juice.
                  Fish Sauce. {Some where on CH there is a post about finding Kosher Fish Sauce}
                  Kosher salt and White pepper.
                  2 Thai Bird peppers.{My Addition}
                  1 clove Garlic, crushed.{Also my Addition}
                  Combine and alter to your taste, cool and set aside.
                  Grill steak rare to med rare, let rest and then slice thinly on bias.
                  Toss with any salad greens you like.
                  Dress with marinade and reserve some for dipping.
                  Has not failed me yet.

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                    Fish sauce can't be used even if it's kosher certified because meat and fish can't be mixed in the same dish. The recipe seems interesting though.. could I sub soy sauce?

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                        Meat and fish can be in the same recipe. It's meat and DAIRY that can't be mixed.

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                          Just to finish off this issue, the prohibition of dairy and meat is one of kashrus from the Torah. Refraining from eating fish and meat together is from the Talmud, stipulated for health reasons.

                    1. Here's a novel idea for a creamy dressing without dairy:


                      Your ingredient list, lightly sauteed shitaake mushrooms, and red onion would support some sliced hard boiled egg and a few anchovies. How about tossing on a few capers and keeping it simple? Asparagus is readily available (at least it is in my neighborhood) so those, or perhaps some diced artichoke hearts.
                      I am not, of course, recommending you use all of those ingredients. But you should be able to select from the list and come up with something that pleases your guests and suits your personal taste.

                      1. Thanks to everybody for your suggestions - I'll will mull it all over & let you know what I end up doing & how it works out.

                        1. I prefer mixed greens to Romaine for a skirt steak salad with a simple vinaigrette for a dressing.Your idea of mushrooms and red onions should be nice, I would add something crunchy, toasted pine-nuts, pecans or walnuts and/or croutons.

                            1. Tonight we had skirt steak (marinated in soy sauce, olive oil, and garlic) grilled and sliced, placed on arugula with a dijon vinaigrette, with roasted fingerling potatoes around the perimeter. I shave parmesan on top, but it's extraneous.

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                                That is great, in my suggestion I also recommended taters. However the PArm would not be Kosher.