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Mar 3, 2009 05:33 AM

ME Restaurant Week: Vignola was great

We decided to do our bit for Restaurant Week by going someplace we hadn't been before, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I ate off the "special 3-course meal" menu [$30.99], while SO, who didn't want dessert (but ended up eating half of mine!] just went with an ap and an entree. Her ap was delicately fried Maine shrimp on some sauteed greens and chopped red cabbage: wonderful flavor profile. I had the salumi, essentially charcuterie tasting, very ample helping of Parma ham and other meats with some toasted bread and a rich sun-dried tomato spread. For main course, she enjoyed a shallot ravioli with a nice rich Parmesan and ? sauce, while my pork belly (served over polenta with turnips) was beautifully cooked and hearty. Shared dessert was a elegant Meyer lemon tart. Including 3 glasses of wine (total), and tip, just over $100. That's what I call value! So come on, Maine foodies: support our continuing claim to be the gastro destination of the Northeast by coming out between now and next Tuesday.

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  1. We went to Cinque Terre. The seafood appetizer (Cappon Magro) was amazing.

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      Going to CInque Terre tomo- thanks for the advice!

      What else has been great and where else should we go??? What places are a good deal???? Some seem like steals...Anyone else eating out this week?