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Mar 3, 2009 04:42 AM

Cu Na Mara (Bristol, NH) Web Site

I was just trying to get on the Cu Na Mara Web site and the message "Account Closed" kept coming up. Anyone know what's going on with the site--or the restaurant for that matter?

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  1. I guess I'm not surprised. There was a family falling out and the chef Ray Gardiner left - In my opinion he was the foundation of the restaurant. No matter how busy the place was he would come out to visit all of the tables. I enjoyed all of his stories, not to mention his fantastic food. I hope that the place has not closed.

    1. So has anyone been by this place lately? Any new info on what's going on with it?

      1. The site is down because the name of the restaurant is now Kathleen's Cottage. Everything from the staff to the menu items are still the same. If anything it's now an even better restaurant as the food specials have expanded even further. I heard that there will soon be an even better menu and a relocation a mile down the road more towards main street Bristol. I was there this past weekend and everything was just superb. Ray is gone, and a very ambitious 24 year old chef named Jason has taken his place. I had a short discussion with him and he seems very determined and positive. His main focus is utilizing the freshest of ingredients and continue to provide customers with delicious homemade food. As long as this place has been around, and despite the recent name change and soon to be relocation, it still upholds it's "breath of fresh air" to the dinning community.

        1. Chef Ray is no longer there and we have not been able to locate him in the area. His personality and food was great. Bar has moved towards a parrot head theme with the tiki tent. They have tried too continue with irish food but quality and variety is not there. Good beers and unusual Irish Whiskey choices are much more limited. They have tried but if you expect what once was or a true Irish pub experience, it lacks. As stated above Ray was the foundation of the pub and the one you you visited and sat and talked to. We wish them the best in their new efforts.

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            Hi there -- without getting too personal-- I am Maryann-- one of the former owners of Cu Na Mara... Ray is indeed gone back to the Boston area-- we wish him well and hope he is able to move in a positive direction with his life. Currently he is at Fibber McGees in Beverly, MA-- you may find them on My Space. We have not moved in a parrothead direction-- but you must know me and my penchant for Jimmy Buffett. Since we opened our doors -- 7-8 years ago I have always done some special in conjuction with the start of Jimmy Buffet's tour :) This summer we had a fabulous array of Irish musicians from all over the world-- as well as an Irish chef-- summer months are the only time our second bar-- the beach bar was open-- a large tent erected primarily as a theatre with expanded seating to enhance for Whiskey and beer-- we have expanded our whiskey selection by 2-- all that we are allowed to bring in because it is what the state allows-- and have a bigger beer selection-- bringing in fine microbeers like Unibroue etc... I did much of the behind the scene work toward the end because the things which were happening with our personal life etc made it impossible for me to be at the rest. as frequently as before-- as with many things all that glittered was not gold-- we look forward to moving to our new location and continuing to improve in many ways-- both with our food-- music-- and our staffing which we think are brilliant. We always appreciate constructive feedback and strive to contribute positively to our community. My hopes going forward are that people will be able to leave the personal side behind-- a book has many pages-- reading one page does not tell the whole story. Please come in and enjoy-- we have great specials-- an expanded menu which launches next week-- and great Irish music -- usually 2 nights per weekend-- jazz once a month. If you do have feedback-- please let us know-- as our goal is to provide you our community and friends with the most enjoyable meal and experience possible. Thank you. Maryann and Kathleen (daughter--5-- and the one that Kathleen's Cottage is named after).

          2. We are in the process of constructing a new website which will be hopefully interactive and user friendly... in the mean time you may find us at or on facebook under Kathleen's Cottage. You can also get a glimpse of some of the entertainment we host at the restaurant. We are launching an expanded menu-- with many new choices -- including a variety of potato choices -- to include our colcannon-- mash, boiled or baked ( can't be a proper Irish rest. without lots of potato choices after all :) )