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Mar 3, 2009 04:34 AM

4 Nights in Hong Kong


I'll be spending 3 nights with my wife in Hong Kong towards the end of May, and am looking for some reassurance for my eating plans :)

Hutong (Peking Road)
Tai Woo (27 Percival Street)
Tanyoto (26 Kimberley Road or 129-135 Johnston Road

Hutong is the more up market place on the list. I'd rather eat in cheaper places for the other 2 nights. I'd prefer Cantonese food, if possible, over any other cuisine, as I'll be visiting various places in China, Korea and Japan in the same trip, and so will be able to sample other cuisines while there. OK, I know that Tanyoto serves Szechuan food, but it does look rather good :D

I'll have 1 more night in Hong Kong in June, but would prefer something near Tung Chung for that, if possible.

Also, I'm looking for breakfast recomendations near Harbour Road (I'll be staying at the Grand Hyatt). Something tasty, cheap and within short walking distance would be nice :)

Looking forward to your suggestions!

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  1. Well, if you want really cheap and pretty good breakfast, the Cafe de Coral restaurants can't be beat. There's one right across the street from the Hyatt in the ground floor of the office bullding.

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    1. re: dpan

      That sounds ideal, many thanks for the tip!

    2. I just recommended 2 "tasty, cheap and within short walking distance" places at Wancahi on another thread. Both places are like 10-15 minutes walk from Grand Hyatt. You can read it here:

      On other note, i just wonder why you picked that 3 restaurants. I personally think there are many better choices than those on your list.

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      1. re: FourSeasons

        Hutong was after a recommendation by a friend, but the other two were after some web research (reviews, blogs etc). If you've got some better dinner options, please do share :) We won't have long in Hong Kong, so I want to make sure we make the most of the eating opportunities :D

        Any idea about something near Tung Chung?

      2. if food has higher priority than view then skip Hu Tong, the food is not bad but there's no point going there except for the view. The cuisine is modern Beijinese, you don't want to try an authentic one instead?

        Tai Woo....are you looking for a "local's cantonese place with maybe seafood options"? if so there are much better alternatives?

        Tanyoto is pretty commercialised Sichuan, the authentic alternatives would be Yunyan at Tsim Sha Tsui and San Xi Lou in Central.

        as for breakfast, Kam Fung is a 10 min walk (ask hotel to draw you a map) but it's a definite must-eat (egg tarts, milk tea, pineapple buns)

        what else you got planned? lunches?

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        1. re: Sher.eats

          Hutong is staying on the list for the view, and after a recommendation from a friend. So that one is non-negotiable ;) Should be good for a romantic night out that will surely earn me a few brownie points with the wife :D

          For Tai Woo I was indeed after something Cantonese. Neither my wife or I are too big on seafood, meat and veg is mainly what we are after :) If there are better options, then I'd welcome your suggestions!

          I'll check out Yunyan and San Xi Lou - do you have any more info on these?

          I checked Kam Fung on a map, and it doesn't look like too much of a hike, so I think we'll give it a try (along with Cafe de Coral suggested by dpan, and maybe Tao Heung on Hennessy Road).

          For lunches we'll probably just eat anywhere we happen to be near (will be doing lots of sightseeing all over the place). Although we may try Wing Lai Yuen and/or Fu Sing if we happen to be close by. Do you have any lunch suggestions? We'll be near Tsim Sha Tsui one afternoon, Tung Chung Fort another, and Cotton Tree Drive another.

          1. re: GordonS

            Noted Hutong is non-negotiable.

            If you are just after meat and vege for dinner, then I will recommend Yung Kee 4th floor. It is a legendary name in Hong Kong, at the most convenient location for tourists, and the roast goose is very well known. I will write a review on this place in the next few days.

            For Si chuan, I would recommend the private kitchen Da Ping Huo. There are a few reviews here in Chowhound, just type on the search function and you can read the reviews from fellow hounds. Everyone who likes spicy food is very satisfied on the experience there.

            1. re: FourSeasons

              Ah, I do remember reading some good things about Yung Kee and the fabled 4th floor. Isn't the 4th floor by invite only or something? I look forward to reading your review!

              Da Ping Huo certainly does sound good... but I'd prefer a la carte as unfortuanately my appetite tends to diminish quite a bit when I'm in a hotter climate (I'm from Scotland, where it's generally cold). So Sher.eats' suggestions of YunYan and San Xi Lou warrant some investigation on the Sichuan front :) Have you eaten at either?

            2. re: GordonS

              second fourseason's Yung Kee recommendation to replace Tai Woo.

              Yunyan and San Xi Lou are a la carte and more "authentic", Da Ping Huo is tasting menu only and some of the dishes are "westernised". If you have good experience with Sichuan I'd recommend YunYan/San Xi Lou over Da Ping Huo. are food pics for Yun Yang and for San Xi.

              On the other hand if you're going to Wing Lai Yuen (please go to the home store not the branch in Hunghom) then go to Da Ping Huo.

              Fu Sing for Dim Sum? That's a good choice but a true authentic alternative would be Lin Heung in Central.

              To make it easier for you why don't I tell you the must-eat dishes of HK and you see what you want?

              BBQ Meats (roasted glazed pork, roasted pork rib w crackling, roasted suckling pig, poached chicken, roasted duck/goose
              )HK style milk tea with buns and/or egg tarts and/or toasts
              Thin noodles in soup with wonton or tossed with shrimp roe or spicy sauce
              Rice noodles with fish, pork, beef, cuttlefish balls
              Traditional HK style soup-like desserts
              Pot rice
              Snake soup?
              Braised beef brisket
              Fried rice or noodles
              Abalone/shark's fin ($$)
              soy "master stock" braised goose/pork
              Cantonese soups
              Roasted pigeons
              Street food (silken tofu, mini egg waffles, beef offal, steamed rice flour sheets,

              Cafe de Coral? It's just a fast food chain, nothing special and it's not like you'll be on a <$20 budget.

              1. re: Sher.eats

                Yunyan and San Xi Lou both sound interesting... I'll investigate further, thanks :)

                Many thanks also for preparing that list of must-eats! Here's what sounds good to me:

                BBQ meats (esp roasted glazed pork and roast goose)
                Pineapple pork buns
                Egg tarts
                Wonton soup
                Braised beef brisket
                Fried noodles (for lunch perhaps)
                Street food (would be nice to sample a few things, perhaps for a late afternoon or evening snack)

                Hopefully that's not too much to squeeze in in so few days :D

                For breakfast Cafe de Coral actually sounds OK to me; something close by, quick and cheap fits the bill quite nicely.

                1. re: GordonS

                  Cha siu (glazed pork) then Joy Hung or Lung Moon are the best, although the ones at Maxim's (everywhere) aren't bad if you can't schedule in Wan Chai.
                  Roast goose either Yung Kee in Central or one of the shops in Shum Tseng whom still uses charcoal (not that far from Tung Chung, there are direct transports)
                  There's no pineapple pork buns haha, for pineapple buns try Kum Fung in Wan Chai or 金華冰廳 in Prince Edward There are better ones, but they're quite far away.
                  Egg tarts, Tai Cheung is the famous one (short crust) and Kum Fung (same as pineapple bun) in Wan Chai is famous for puff pastry. Again there are better ones elsewhere but far.
                  Wonton soup, see the wonton thread.
                  Fried noodles, if you want real authenticity then 波記 is a dai pai dong in Central, you sit literally 2 meters from the flames It's not a difficult dish so you can get ok ones nearly everywhere.
                  Street food: there's a good beef offal, charcoal roasted pot rice and deep fried oyster "omletes" in Temple Street near Jordan/Yau Ma Tei. The "waffles"/crepe of HK is the "mini egg waffles" see (north point, TST, wan chai) Silken tofu there are many places for it, Mong Kok, shum shui po, north point...

                  1. re: Sher.eats

                    Doh! Was sure I'd read pineapple pork buns! They do sound good though, eh?!

                    Ah well, 'plain' pineapple buns it is :)

                    1. re: GordonS

                      well actually....there are some "modern" dim sum places/bakeries that give a pineapple "crust" to other breads like red bean...not sure if there are cha siu ones though...

                  2. re: GordonS

                    CDC? Ick... I'd rather do McD's any day.

                    1. re: Peech

                      hear hear. no idea what dpan's doing.

                      1. re: Sher.eats


                        McDonalds is most certainly not an option! You obviously don't think too highly of Cafe de Coral then? I don't expect (or want) fine dining at breakfast time, just something authentic, cheap, quick and tasty - do you have any alternatives within a short walk of the Hyatt?

                        Tao Heung is about 1km away on Hennessy Road, I think they do breakfast Dim Sum? Worth a try for one morning?

                        1. re: GordonS

                          not sure if you know this but CDC is just a fast food chain, there is zero gastronomical value to it.

                          for authenticity and value, go to the egg tart place mentioned above. you're traveling all the way to HK anyway, so why not do a 10 min walk.

                          Tao Heung is not among the best places for dim sum sadly.

                          where are you from anyway?

                          1. re: Sher.eats

                            I just checked out Kam Fung on google maps, and it looks like it's only 1km away from the Hyatt. It's also pretty close to Wan Chai MTR (which we will probably use first thing after breakfast each morning), so this looks like a good option :D

                            I'm from Scotland (north east, near Aberdeen). Have been to a few places in Asia (India, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia (Batam), Singapore), but this will be my first time in Hong Kong.

                            1. re: GordonS


                              the wet market is nearby if you want to experience that part of HK's culture

                              The Pawn is the only (good) English gastropub if you suddenly "need" something, it's 1 min walk from Wan Chai MTR

                              1. re: Sher.eats

                                I can eat British food at home, so will be steering well clear of The Pawn. But many thanks again for all your other tips ;o)

                                1. re: GordonS

                                  just thought you'd want a pint or something haha

                          2. re: GordonS

                            believe it or not, my gf and I make it a point to try to have McD's when we travel. This is becos McD's tend to have special items around the world to suit local tastes, things that you don't get at home (wherever that is).

                            Not ashamed to say that I love McD' moderation.

                            1. re: Peech

                              That is true. In India they do 'aloo patties' (potato burgers). And in Indonesia there serve rice because Indonesians have to have rice with _everything_!

                    2. re: Sher.eats

                      Regarding Yung Kee, is the mythical 4th floor invite only? Or do I just need to make a reservation?

                        1. re: Sher.eats

                          As an aside, neither me or my wife speak _any_ Cantonese. I speak very little Mandarin (and can read a whopping 30 characters or so).

                          Are we going to struggle with menus etc in Hong Kong, or do places usually have English menus and/or English speaking staff?

                          Do all local Cantonese speakers also speak Mandarin?

                          1. re: GordonS

                            more traditional authentic places like Fu SIng and Lin Heung might do a little Mandarin but probably no English. The same for Wing Lai Yuen (home store).

                            Won't have problems for Hutong or Yung Kee. Yunyan and San Xi Lou have english menus.

                            Other places like egg tarts, BBQ roasts, street food etc, you should assume no English and minimal mandarin. Copy pictures of what you plan to order and put it on your phone/camera and show the waiters the pics to order...always works.

                            1. re: Sher.eats

                              "Copy pictures of what you plan to order and put it on your phone/camera and show the waiters the pics to order...always works."

                              Hehe... interesting idea :)

                              1. re: Sher.eats

                                can you provide directions (address) to Yunyan and San Xi Lou-from Tsim Sha Tsui area

                                1. re: IPcook

                                  yunyan is in tsim sha tsui, 4th floor the of Miramar Shopping Arcade, Nathan Road, adjacent to Park Lane.

                                  San Xi Lou is in the mid levels (the hill above central/admiralty), so take the MTR from TST to Admiralty (1 stop no need to change trains) then take a taxi to "Four Dat Chung Sum", take elevator to 7th floor.

                              2. re: GordonS

                                There must be someone who can speak English in HK in the servicing industry. Manadarin is widely spoken since the vast visitors are from mainland China these days. If you speak very limited Manadarin, please speak English as I speak very limited French though my minor was French in 1975. It just would not work and confuse people.

                    3. For relatively inexpensive but good Chinese food I would go to Tasty on the 4th floor IFC, and Crystal Jade, either in Harbour CIty or IFC.

                      For Non speaking chinese I can also recommend the following albeit not inexpensive but really good, easy to find and comfortable-
                      Lei Garden (Cantonese)- IFC or Elements, Victoria Seafood (Cantonese and good Dim Sum )in CITIC Center in Wanchai or in Harbour City, , Fook Lam Moon in Wanchai, Pak Loh (Chiu Chow)in Elements, and Snow Garden (Shanghainese) in Causeway bay- . Am also not a fan of Hutong but view is amazing:-) Don't love Yung Kee either but it is an institution- there are better places for Roast goose- Sportful Garden in Central comes to mind for delicious roasts and other good cantonese dishes - not that expensive either.

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                      1. re: sarapsy

                        Crystal Jade is good because it is operated by a Singaporean group. Just pay whatever on the check since 10% service is added already and you do not go back there for quite some time anyway. I do not tip as I am a Canadian. It is Lee Yuen NOT Lei Garden in Chinese. Lee Garden was used to be the hotel in Causeway Bay owned by the Hysan Group and they are no longer have the hotel business just like the Hotel Furama in Central. I believe Crystal Jade has seven branches in HK and Kowllon altogether and all good.