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Mar 3, 2009 04:15 AM

Help picking Vegas Steak House PLS!

Isn't it ironic the I, the person that continually plays down the quality of steak houses in Las Vegas, asks for recommendations to a steak house. Not really as this board has as good of resources as any. So here is why I need help. I work in NYC, literally across the street from one of my favorite steak houses Wolfgang's. In 2.5 weeks I, along w/2 desk mates, will be going to Las Vegas for NCAA weekend. Our friend will be taking us out for a steak (total of 6 of us) and has made a reservation to Charlie Palmer's. They are staying at Caesar's while I will be at Encore. He has said that if we decide on a different location that he is fine with it. We will be watching the games at Caesar's all day (and playing poker) and given that we are 6 guys, I am not sure that schlepping down to the Four Seasons for a quiet dinner at CP is what we will all be looking for. I am considering Prime, Strip House, CUT, and anything else that you the masses throw my way. I know that there are those that like N9ne and Craft and others, but I want to try to keep us in the Caesar's to Encore area. Or is Charlie Palmer's really that good and we should keep our resy? And one last thing, a corkage policy would be nice. I know there are places that have (The Steak House, Capital Grill to mention 2) and given the current state of the economy, every little bit helps.

Many thanks in advance for you suggestions!

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  1. I recently ate at Botero (Encore) and thought it was terrific.

    1. Me and my friends had an outstanding experience at Craftsteak (MGM Grand). We did the Kobe tasting.

      I've been to Charlie Palmer's place in DC and that was good, too. Craftsteak is worth the trip out, though.

      1. CUT is the best steakhouse hands down.

        The American Wagyu is just about as good as the A5 Kobe beef but a fraction of the cost. Steak tartare is probably one of the better appetizers. And they have this banana dessert that will make you cream in your pants.

        If not, SW steakhouse in the Wynn is also very good. Probably rate it second to CUT only because the steak wasn't as good. The potato cake side is really good.

        I am basing this decision on overall taste of the food, not just the steak. Although CUT also has the best tasting steak as well. I have been to about every steakhouse in LV and I can tell you CUT is a notch above the rest.

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        1. re: A5 KOBE

          a5 is spot on about CUT, it is a cut above the rest (pardon the pun)

        2. old school - nero's at caesar's, The Palm at the entrance to the forum shops ( both of these are very close to the poker room/sportsbook,) or the golden steer on sahara.
          new school - boa steakhouse at the forum shops - near the entrance from the Strip

          not sure about the corkage at any of these places

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          1. re: kjs

            I've had two excellent meals at Boa. Service was good both times and not one bad dish in the whole group.

          2. LVI

            Your corkage question made me think of this thread where it seemed like the entire wine board was against me. I'd be interesting in hearing your opinion on this subject. I have not gone back to the wine board since this post.


            Regarding steakhouses. Everyone seems to have an opinion on which is best. I really don't think there are many that you will go wrong at. My favs have been StripSteak, CUT and Botero. Charlie Palmer was also very nice but had less emphasis on the "boutique" type steaks such as Wagyu. Seems like you can choose the venue by which ambiance and locale fits your group best.