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Mar 3, 2009 02:22 AM

Where can I buy braising meat cuts / offal in Dubai?

Spinneys stocks a pitiful range of cuts and Carrefour doesn't appear any better. Where's the brisket, oxtail, beef cheeks, osso bucco, tripe etc etc?? If you can get these cuts in restaurants surely there is a retailer that stocks them?? I am really missing cooking all my favourite slow-cook style dishes. ..

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  1. Hi. Actually, Spinneys does occasionally have brisket and also silverside (not sure, but they might be the same thing!) which slow cooks very nicely.

    Also, the new Waitrose in Dubai Mall had tripe when I was there the other day - can't stand the stuff myself, but they do have it! They also had very nice fresh rabbit from France which I bought and made a great pie.

    If ever you're passing Park & Shop in Wasl Road, it's worth having a look at the butcher and pork butcher, as they often have some things you don't see in many other places.

    Finally, HyperPanda at Dubai Festival City has a very big butcher counter. Can't remember exactly what it stocked, but might also be worth a look. But do check the freshness. I bought what looked like a very nice piece of pre-packaged monkfish there but when I got it home and unwrapped it, I could tell by the smell it was well past its best and I had to bin it.

    Good luck!

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      Hi Paddydubai - thanks for the info - I tend to shop at the little Spinneys by Jumeira Mosque and Mercato Spinney's so may be I'll try one of the others...I do remember them having frozen oxtail at one stage but haven't seen it since.

      I recently saw tripe cooked in a chinese style braise and it looked good enough for me to brave it. I suspect I'll be eating it alone though. Will definately check out Waitrose more thoroughly. Rabbit pie? Super impressed!

      Shame about the monkfish, last time I was there the fish counter smell permeated the whole supermarket so I didn't get close enough to see what's there...

      Thanks again.

    2. I get these things at Lulu in Al Qusais, they have a huge selection of cuts and all of the various lamb and beef, tripe, trotters, liver, kidneys, heart, tongue, etc. are right there for your pleasure. I haven't found the selection to be as good at the Karama Lulu's but haven't tried any other than those two. They have them sporadically at most of the other markets, even Spinneys. Hyperpanda is good but their beef trotters and oxtail are defrosted from frozen. Al Maya on the 4th floor of Lamcy Plaza has this kind of thing regularly, too.

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        Hi luckyfatima - I think I need to be a bit more adventurous with where I shop. I don't know how many times I've passed Lamcy and thought I really should go in and have a look. Now I will. I guess that's the product of having so many shopping centres to choose from!