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Mar 2, 2009 10:02 PM

Bak Kua / Rou Gan / Malaysian Beef Jerky

I was in Macau a few months ago and had some of the most delicious beef jerky/leather. I've looked for it in LA and I haven't been able to find anything anywhere that even resembles it. I believe it's called Bak Kua (in Malaysian?) and Rou Gan (肉干) in Mandarin. Does anyone know of anywhere in the LA area (Chinatown, SGV, anywhere else) that has this amazing jerky. I had a sweet/bbq flavored variety as well as a more peppery version. It wasn't a dry strip of over smoked/hickory flavored meat like most American jerky, it was sweet and moist while still maintaining its jerky consistency. I am really craving it right now and would really like to find some in LA and not have to fly back to China/Malaysia/Macau.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. The SG Superstore has a place inside that sells bak kua. It's like $22/lb, and very good. Very fresh. I've only tried the sweet pork one, but they do have several types. They also sell preserved/dried fruits and candies. I'm partial to the preserved olives.

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      Agree with San Gabriel Superstore's availability of chinese beef jerky. They seal it up nicely after weighing your order.

    2. Bak Kwa is Hokkien. It's called Yoke Kon in Cantonese. Just handy in case you need to try all the different names when you're in a Chinese grocery store! If you're feeling very adventurous, you could try making it yourself: I can't help you with your LA query, but you can find it in Singapore as well. I get my friends to bring up several kilos whenever they visit.

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        Thanks for your responses, I'll have to try driving over to SG Superstore this weekend to try it it out. If that doesn't work, I'm going to go to a few Asian supermarkets and ask around. Even if I find some though, I do think I'm going to try making it once I have some time. I'll post again if I find some.

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          It's usually pork, right? Sometimes chicken, but I'd never come across beef versions in Singapore.

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            There used to be a place in Kuala Lumpur in the basement of KL Pavillion (柏威年廣場) that sold halal Bak Kwa made with beef (牛肉乾), but it closed a few years ago.

            It was priced at 75 ringgit per kilo (US$23/1 kilo) back in 2008, I think the shop's name was "Grilled to Perfection."

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              Probably pitched at the 'halal' market, as the mall is very popular with the Middle-Eastern crowd. In fact, Bukit Bintang Rd. is called "Arab Street" by the Arab visitors these days - they'd get into a cab and say, "Take me to Arab St." and every cabbie would know :-D

              Food Republic foodcourt at the Pavilion is completely halal, and the Thye Hong stall (a branch of the Singapore-style Hokkien mee chain) replaces pork lard with chicken there.

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                i think its made out of pork, chicken or beef. ive had all 3 in singapore.

                surprisingly NY has like 4 bak kwa / rou gan stores in (2 of them are pretty good actually)...which reminds to write a post about them

                1. re: Lau

                  i double checked...bee cheng hiang sells all three meats (although there is only one beef option)


                  1. re: Lau

                    i usually get pork jerky and the chicken coins

                    somehow.. i'm not a fan of the beef. texture is too rough imo.

                  2. re: Lau

                    Please say more about the NY locations. I'm only familiar with the one on Elizabeth St.

                    1. re: bklynfoodiegirl

                      so there are 4 places:
                      ping's - 58 mulberry - this is my favorite, particularly the spicy pork
                      ling kee - 42 canal street - this one is very good too
                      new beef king - 89 bayard - i dont like this one as much
                      malaysia beef jerky - 95 elizabeth - i haven't tried this one for some reason although my friend claims its good

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                In Hacienda Heights...I think they're like a warehouse style place. Tons of jerky

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                  no, prime cut isn't a warehouse. it like a deli, an awesome deli all of all Chinese jerky (cooked by a Latino).