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Mar 2, 2009 08:31 PM

Good butcher in east village, gramercy, or murray hill

I have been living in stuy town for the past couple years and have yet to walk by a good butcher. I usually end up buying my meat from either the fancy grocery store "Gracefully" or for larger roasts from "Gristedes". If I need something particularly special I'll plunk down the cash at the green market or whole foods.

Anyhow, any suggestions are welcomed.

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  1. Florence Meat Market in West Village. Not exactly where you're asking, but you can't do better than that.

    1. East Village Meat Market, 2nd Avenue between 9th Street and St Mark's Place. So clean you could eat off the floor. Excellent quality and the prices are correct. I've been buying my meat here since 1968.