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Mar 2, 2009 08:30 PM

Hundred Acres, Felidia, Irving Mill etc.- Your Guidance Please.

So I'm taking my boyfriend on a belated Valentines day-date, think more adventure and less candy hearts (I mostly hate St. V's except that it is fun to eat heaps of chocolate and hold hands all day.) But I digress.

Celebrating belatedly is great on many fronts because I feel less guilty about the whole thing and because we get to eat in a restaurant and (hopefully) not regret it...I am not looking for anything particularly romantic just reallly good food, somewhat charming atmosphere and a chance to get away without breaking the bank.

Here are some choices.

The General Greene - I've been craving good steak and I hear there's is pretty awesome. plus i know i like this kind of joint. Seems like a safe bet.

Cookshop- Not sure i want to travel over there but I do hear they have a good rabbit dish.

Hundred Acres - Again with the rabbit.

Irving Mill- I love piglets. especially when I eat them. Everything there sounds like a heavenly heart attack

Momofuko Ssam - Have been meaning to try any of the momofuku places for a while now. This may not be the time but it in the running for me.

Felidia- The roasted chicken special menu they have going right now just sounds so good.

Lastly from left field:
The Redhead- mostly because I am of the ginger variety myself, so my BF would appreciate the shout out and I hear they have pretty dope fried chicken. I am aware that the atmosphere may be lacking.

I know it's a broad list but I am eager to eat out and eat well. I may just have to make the all-day-date include a lunch and a dinner?

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  1. General Greene is in Brooklyn right? This is the wrong board to comment on that I think :)

    I think that Cookshop is not particularly romantic, but the food is good. Irving Mill is definitely NOT romantic if you sit in the front area by the bar. The back is a little better but it does not scream romance to me. The food is good but not great. Momofuku Ssam is *definitely* not romantic, it is loud, crowded, no reservations, cramped seating, plays loud rock music. I like Redhead and the fried chicken is excellent but it's also no reservatoins, cramped seating.

    1. if yr looking for really good food, id avoid hundred acres, felidia, and irving mill...hundred acres has slightly worse food than cookshop...not bad...just nothing to get excited over. felidia ive felt is overpriced for the quality, and irving mill is merely ok...

      id look into perilla, barbuto, or my favorite from this weekend...matsugen's $35 prix fixe...