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Mar 2, 2009 07:41 PM

Gonna be in Baltimore for 2 days.

Coming down from NYC to check out Baltimore. What do I HAVE to check out before I leave?

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  1. I would highly recommend Woodberry Kitchen. They got a mention in Bon Appetit last month (The photo in the article is them). If you go, make sure you finish your meal with coffee, since they do such a wonderful job of it.

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    1. re: Beto_pan

      I agree. Woodberry is a great spot.

      1. re: OmnivoreinMD

        +1 more on Woodberry Kitchen. Here are some things we particularly enjoyed over Valentine's Day weekend: the pears and the deviled eggs on the snacks menu; the chilled beets; poblano sausage and the hunter's sausage. Really, everything was excellent.

      2. re: Beto_pan

        You definitely won't go wrong trying Woodberry Kitchen. If you want to stay away from the tourists in Little Italy, try Sammy's for Italian food, right off North Charles St.

      3. Maybe a trip thru Fells Point...Dudas, One Eyed Mikes, John Stevens, Wharf Rat, Berthas
        Ale Mary's will give you another "take on" Baltimore...These are local "gin mills" that serve decent food

        1. It would help to be more specific. Are you looking for the ultimate crab cake? Interested in the Baltimore bar/food scene? Are you going to be here in the summer and want to try a sno(w)ball with marshmellow topping? Want the best of Baltimore pit beef? There are probably places you HAVE to check out in each of those categories that are unique to Charm City.

          1. The Lexington Market. Get some oysters and a crab cake at Faidley's

            1. B'more neophyte here: Vaccaro's at Albemarle beats the 2xxx blocks of Steinway street in Astoria for Italian bakery.(not by much, but enough)

              what's cool about Faidley's is while standing and slurping down the (cheap and plump!) oysters - not from the Bay sadly - shucker said Gulf, one can ponder the signs and consider what one might stew with the offered fresh muskrat.

              not food, but call ahead to the medical examiners office for creepshow dioramas used in forensic training for the last 50 years not generally on public view - keep meaning to check that one out.

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              1. re: hill food

                Hill food: that last sentence is the most bizarre non-sequitor I have ever read on Chowhound! Thanks for the laugh (I think.)

                And isn't it pathetically emblematic that the oysters at Faidley's don't even come from Maryland any more?

                1. re: crackers

                  turns out I was wrong, they're in Bethesda now at NIH.

                  it is sad about the Bay oyster situation, worried about the proposed introduction of non-native species.

                  1. re: hill food

                    so we should see the creepshow dioramas after dining in bethesda? ;-).

                    1. re: alkapal

                      given the lenghty security at NIH and the size, it sounds like more of a weekday brunch thing...

                      or before dinner!

                2. re: hill food

                  For Italian baked goods, I prefer Piedigrotta at 1300 Bank St. , Suite 140 (410-522-6900)
                  Tuesday - Saturday: 6:30a - 6p, Sunday: 6:30a - 3p, Monday: Closed. While it looks as colorful and crisp as other Italian bakeries, everything there TASTES better (IMHO).