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Mar 2, 2009 07:24 PM

Eli's on the Hill, Branford, CT

Took my wife out to dinner the other night at Eli's--finally--it's hard to find a time where they're not packed. It was hard to go into this building without fond memories (albeit for a very short time) of the Cookhouse, the previous establishment. I miss my BBQ.

Apparently my wife did too, because she ordered the pulled pork sandwich, slaw, and sweet potato fries. I was a bit more conservative with a bacon cheeseburger and sweet potato fries.
My wife's pulled pork was reportedly very good. I did notice that it was not the kind I'm used to, where it would have been smoking for at least 8 hours--still, she said it was excellent. Slaw needed work; SP fries were awesome!

My burger was quite good--very large, which justified the ten dollar price tag. I could be wrong, but I do believe that it was grass-fed beef, which results in a much stronger taste than corn-fed beef. Quite frankly, it's better for you too--until you order it with the bacon and cheese anyhow. Again, very good.

Oh, almost forgot--we did order some apps. just to try them. My wife got the spinach artichoke dip--it came with what looked like fried wraps (as in the wrap for a sandwich). They were somewhat greasy, but the dip itself was good.

I of course, had the buffalo wings. My wife's mouth was on fire, but I thought they were just the right temp--no celery necessary. Finger lickin' good.

All in all, a do again.

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  1. The ground round was there for an eternity. I used to play video games and eat popcorn while waiting for our meal when I was little. I thought I died and went to heaven.

    I read a horrendous review about eli's branford on yelp.

    I've been to both eli's and have my complaints. I'd rather eat at lakeview tavern just down the street than eli's on the hill.

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    1. re: shoreline

      I used to go there, Ground Round, when I was young. Love that popcorn. Do you remember those wacky mirrors when you first walked in? Like being in a fun house.

      1. re: triggs73

        ha ha!

        and the one on long wharf was good too. I worked with a lot of hot chicks at the LW theater for a outside telemarketing company in the 80's and we'd all go there after work. Being being that I was the only remotely halfway decent looking straight dude that worked there I scored regularly. I have fond memories of that place.

        Went to the ground round in groton not too long ago because it was in the entertainment book and i was staying up there to gamble and the MS was sold out. As I was eating I had a big smile on my face thinking about the great times the ground rounds have provided me with in the good old days. and the food was decent too. I wanted to look in a room they had there because that is where all the "fun stuff" was and I was feeling nostagic but there was a huge kids party in there.

        In grad school I went to the eli's in hamden regularly and despite blowing 30 to 60 in alcohol each visit never once did the bartender by me a drink. A few visits to eli's in branford, same thing. and I'm a decent tipper.

        I go to lakeview tavern and paul the owner buys me a drink EVERY TIME. I've been a sole proprietor before and making your client know they are valuable goes a long way- I never got that at eli's, always more like they weere doing you a favor by allowing you in (although in my case that may be true lol).

        1. re: shoreline

          I used to work at Ground Round at Long Wharf!. Anyway I went to Eli's, Branford and we had wine and appetizers - it was good - I'd go back since I want to try other things before reviewing it. I have been to Lakeview Tavern and find it average - you keep mentioning it - what do you order there - tell me what's good - then maybe I'd go back. Thanks in advance for your reply.

          1. re: Shoreliner

            i typed a long winded response yesterday, i guess it didn't go through. At lakeview i go with penne voka pasta, ny strip, wraps, burger, buff wings (also boneless), their mixed vegtable side and the bread they serve is top notch. fresh cut fries too.

    2. Glad you had a good meal, stormshadow, but I was pretty underwhelmed by the place. Food was just average, place was packed with loud partiers and the weird, 1970s living room decor left me a bit down. I prefer SBC or Eli's in Hamden, which has very good food (red pie!), if very drafty dining room.