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Mar 2, 2009 06:59 PM

Need Some Recommendations for Places to Eat in Austin

The weekend of March 27-29 my father and I will be going to Austin to look at some property and get a feel for the area. We are coming in from the DC area so it will be nice to get some warmer weather than we've been having. We may be in town a day or two longer than just the weekend, but my father just recently got a new job in Austin so he will definitely be moving to the area in the next couple months.

I've heard great things about the restaurants and food in Austin so I am hoping some people on here can help out and point us toward some great places. We would definitely like some great restaurants for dinner each night. I'd like to go to a great steakhouse, great seafood place, and then maybe a fusion-style place for the third night. Also, if any of you guys have good recommendations for places for lunch then that would be fantastic, too. For lunch, I'm really up for anything...the only place I'd like to go specifically to lunch for is sushi so I'm hoping there is a great place for that.

On a final note, can anyone point me towards some great bars/lounges/clubs for the nightlife? I'm 21 and my father is 54 so we've got a bit of an age gap, but we have similar tastes in bars. It might be great to get a recommendation for places with people in the 20s-30s and then 30s+ so we can check out both. I'm sure he and I will probably split up one or two nights and check out some places on our own to see what we can find. I've already done a little bit of research, but I graduate this semester from the University of Maryland and I have a feeling I am going to be moving down to Austin with him.

Thanks for the recommendations in advance.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Here's a good start for you from the generous people of Austin:

      Definitely check out the DraughtHouse

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        That is an awesome list of places. Exactly what I wanted.

        By the way, did you ever get a chance to check out Uchi? From all the great recommendations, I will absolutely be going there. I'm interested in your opinion of it, though.

        1. re: joconn

          Sad to say I was unable to get to Uchi. I tried to go there my last evening in town, but they could not accommodate me and I ended up at County Line BBQ.... If you read the whole thread, you will know my group was not into eating out too much and wanted to stay closer to the resort. In fact, we had two dinners at the resort.

          With regards to the recommendations given by others.....they were all spot on. There was a little dissension with the BBQ recommendations, but as I have come to find's a hot button topic with the folks from Austin. Look up Uchi on their website. It will give you a very good idea of what to expect.. My only regret beside three putting too many not making it to Uchi for Happy Hour or Dinner.

          1. re: fourunder

            Uchi is number one on my list so I will give you a report after I try it. Sorry to hear the dining out didn't go the way you were hoping, but I'm sure you had a great time golfing.

      2. For nightlife, the 21-year-old scene is definitely 6th St. - just hit any or all of the bars on both sides of the street. A more mature scene is the warehouse district, a few blocks west and a couple blocks south from the 6th St. district, on 4th St. - the best bar, IMHO, being the Gingerman, which has an excellent beer selection. Both areas are fun, just in different ways; both you and your father will find something to enjoy if you hit both districts.

        You'll be there the weekend after the big SXSW music festival, so things might be a bit more low-key than normal - people will be just burned out - but it'll still be fun.

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        1. re: Bat Guano


          Thanks for the Sam's recommendation......I enjoyed my Brisket, Ribs and Sausage......regardless of my friends experiences. I was also able to find someone to heat up the Barbecue in the middle of the night so I did not have to eat it cold.

          1. re: fourunder

            Glad you enjoyed it! You and your friends may have looked like... you weren't from the neighborhood, shall we say. But the occasional hassle is part of the experience, and I think the food is definitely worth it.

        2. For live music, usually there will be some pretty decent music at Antones (blues usually, also R&R), Continental Club (rock and roll), Broken Spoke (historic C and W club) and Elephant Room (jazz). At the first 2 you usually will have to stand up.
          For a more intimate place (usually an acoustic show), the Cactus Cafe on UT's campus usually has somebody interesting. Of course there are tons of other places. You can google all these places. They all have web sites. Pick up an Austin Chronicle (or visit their website), and see who is playing where. As ageneral rule, the best music isn't on 6th street, if that is your main focus.
          Esther's Follies on 6th street is a pretty fun place to bring out of towners. I haven't been in at least 10 years, so I can't give a current review. It is a comedy club (not stand up, more like skits).
          Eddie V's has both great steaks and seafood, and a nice bar. The Driskill (hotel) has a nice piano bar. As BatGuano says the Gingerman is the best beer selection, but no hard liquor there.
          Most of the places I've mentioned are either downtown or not that far from it. (broken spoke being the farthest away)

          1. Try Steiner Steakhouse for great food and an amazing view of Lake Travis. It'll give you a feel for the Hill Country without sacrificing on flavor.
            If you can be there to see the sunset for a drink at the bar, you won't be disappointed.


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              This looks like a nice place and recommendation.......which begs me to ask......where were you the past month when I was seeking information during my stay at Barton Creek you have something against golfers ;-)

              1. re: fourunder

                Just not a big fan of BBQ and it seemed like you were being overwhelmed with those requests.

                Cooper's (or Opie's in Spicewood) are my favorites but I probably only eat BBQ once or twice a year which really puts me in a minority on this board. Glad you enjoyed your stay!