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Mar 2, 2009 05:54 PM

Cooked Hams

Trying to get a hold of a Jambon de Paris made by Trois Petit Cochons........out of stock at igourmet.....looking for a whole Boars Head Delux. Thumans, and for the price Krakus is fine, however I think the Jambon (for the money) is my favorite.....
Any suggestions or other recs. will be appreciated. Used primarily for sandwiches. Cold, grilled , panini's, ....

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  1. Do you have a local deli or cheese shop that sells other things from TPC? You might ask if they would be willing to order a full leg for you. I used to be the cheese guy at a wine retailer and would regularly order larger items for CHs', and give them a 10-15% discount to boot.

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      Only place i have sourced is igourmet, and they have been "out of stock" for awhile........I've seen their products in a WF's and once ina Harris Teeter.....neither of whom will sell anything semi wholesale.
      The price at igourmet is $99.99 for an 11lb+- ham.....this is the only place and/or best pricing I have seen.
      As mentioned any recs about quality cooked ham sources would be appreciated .....thanks for the suggestion......I'll continue to hunt.