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Mar 2, 2009 05:49 PM

Good cheap lunch spot in Allston/Brighton or Charlestown?

I am looking for a good cheap lunch in either the allston/brighton area or charlestown? i know there are many ethnic options in the a/b area, but unfortunately my fellow diner isnt the most adventerous of eaters any ideas?

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  1. You might try Inbound Pizza, near the corner of Comm Ave and Harvard Ave. Above-average pizza & subs.

    1. You might try Soulfire for barbecue, Carlo's Cuccina or Alfredo's for Italian. All in Allston. In Brighton there is Athan's for panninis and other offerings. Please forgive my spelling.

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        Also in Allston is Sunset which isn't too expensive. And the White Horse Tavern for basic bar food. Plus Our House for that matter. None of these are culinary masterpieces but if your friend is really that unadventurous. Or you could compromise and go to Camino Real for Colombian which isn't too out there, a nice platos typicos w/ meat, rice and beans, fried egg, fried pork rind, yum.
        In Charlestown, there the Pressed Sandwich place and the cafe whose name I'm spacing on in City Square.

      2. Warren Tavern in Charlestown.

        1. I second Sunset, though I'm partially biased since I used to work there. Also, the food court in Super 88 provides a wealth of options, and highly recommend the noodle kitchen on the side (entrance thru the parking lot). Common Ground has some decent hearty paninis and mac n' cheese that often hit the spot. Depending on how much you may be able to slightly push your friend to be mildly adventurous, try to go to Gitlo's and Cafe Brasil. Bribe them with cheesy karaoke at do-re-mi if you need to :)

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            Oh, Cafe Brazil is a good idea even for an unadventurous eater. Very good food and plenty that's not too exotic - just tasty!

            Also on Cambridge Street, there's Deep Ellum in Union Square - after a long struggle with poor food, they seem to be on the right track these days. I had an outstandingly good burger there a few weeks ago.

          2. There's also Steve's Kitchen on Harvard Ave in Allston. Its a good greasy spoon and you get a fun slice-of-life look at Allston. Its probably cheaper than anything else around and its perfect for a non-adventurous type.