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Mar 2, 2009 04:58 PM

Great Crepes in Long Beach-La Creperie

I just discovered La Creperie on 2nd St in Long Beach and I just love everything about this place. The decor is like a sexy bistro in Paris.
I had the seafood crepe which was served with a lobster, basil cream sauce.I think this was the best crepe I ever had. My daughter had the chicken curry crepe with mango chutney-she loved it!! For desert, we had the Romeo and Juliet which was the classic Nutella, banana and strawberries.
They also had a nice band which wasn't too loud and it added to the ambiance!!

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  1. We've dined there half a dozen times (including once on Easter late morning after an early service - a nice alternative to a crowded brunch) and enjoyed it each time, as have all the friends we've brought along. The band must be new - don't recall any other Chow Hounders mentioning it before either.

    I'm intrigued by your description of it as a "sexy bistro in Paris." Okay, haven't been to Paris yet, but I thought it was more like an elegant European apartment of old with those huge mirrors and drapery . . . or is all that gone now?

    1. Thanks for the review! The seafood crepe is my fave. And any crepe stuffed with Nutella is a winner in my mind! Glad you enjoyed it!

      1. My husband adores the crepes here. We've been coming here since they were still in the former space that was thisnarrow.

        If you're looking for crepes (and not necessarily a French atmosphere), my fellow foodie discovered Rockin' Crepes in Huntington Beach....if you don't mind the heavy metal theme....

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          Yes rocking crepes is great! went there twice last week after i found out about it. Everyone in the HB area should check this place out, I hope it does well, I love having a place i can go to after dinner for dessert that not a coffee shop! I went on a saturday night and worried it would be crowded, but it was empty now I'm worried it will not survive!

          Rockin Crepes
          8943 Atlanta Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92646