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Mar 2, 2009 04:53 PM

I-80 Bay Area to Truckee (Lake Tahoe)

We'd like advice on where to stop for a meal (lunch on the way, dinner on the way back) or any other noteworthy stops (markets, bakeries, coffee,etc). We have two kids who are restaurant-friendly.

Thanks in advance.

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    I'd certainly stop here. They have sandwiches, etc. and what many people consider the best pies (I don't like pie so....) Ya know, it's only about four hours. Truckee itself would be a better "stop." You'll find plenty of info here about Truck.

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      I agree about Ikedas. The burgers are good but I think it is on the pricey side. We make that trip a lot and we either pack something for the car and eat when we get to Truckee or we stop at In N Out.

      1. re: c oliver

        Sweetpeas, directly across I-80, opposite Ikedas, is a local neighborhood-type restaurant patronized by folks who seem to know one another -- decent food at reasonable prices, great breakfast combinations. Sometimes there's a wait, especially when locals coming from church on Sunday.

        13498 Luther Rd
        Auburn, CA 95603
        (530) 823-1818‎

      2. Not much of a place to sit down, but board member souvenir has directed me to Newcastle Produce, which is west of Interstate 80 just before Auburn. It has good fresh baked goods and a decent produce selection. Ikeda's can be jammed at times, especially if a tour bus pulls in.
        In Colfax, there's Drooling Dog Barbecue. If you're heading east, it's the last Colfax exit, take a left at the road paralleling I-80 and it's near the end of the road. It's open Thursday through Monday, I believe.

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          Hey, thanks for the Colfax tip. When heading to SF, we're frequently wanting lunch about then (never get out of the house as early as we plan) and generally just grab McDs as it's visible from 80. We will definitely check this out next time.

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            Drooling Dog is open Thursday through Sunday.

            Coming through Sacramento on I-80, you'll have limited options, but you can also take the Capital City Freeway (I-80 Business Route) through downtown. The distance is about the same, but the travel time is longer on weekdays around rush hour. If you go through downtown there are dozens of good restaurants close to your path. So many that making recommendations is impossible without more info about the kind of food you like, the ambience you're looking for, and how much money you want to spend.

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              Got about 3' of snow here at the lake. Lots of shoveling and then snowshoed a path for the dogs :)

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              In addition to Newcastle Produce, across the parking lot is a good family-run Sicilian restaurant, La Fornaretta,
              My favorite pasta dish of theirs, Pasta alla Norma, doesn't appear to be on the web menu; I hope it's still available! I've tried several of their pasta dishes and a few of their pizzas, and while I liked some options more than others, I thought the quality was generally very good.

              Other options, depending on when you are driving through, and where you want to stop, might include Davis, which is 45 minutes closer to the Bay Area. The Davis Farmers Market is Saturday mornings, and a great stop. There are lots of good food options in Davis within a short distance of I-80.

              1. re: SteveTimko

                Also in Colfax:

                Sierra Market. Great deli, meat counter, full service grocery in a small package. Fantastic Truckee Sourdough Bakery products as well--we always stock up for the home freezer. Great market!

                Drooling Dog Bar BQ
                212 N Canyon Way, Colfax, CA 95713

                Sierra Market
                575 S Auburn St Ste S, Colfax, CA 95713

                1. re: toodie jane

                  We live at the lake and ADORE the Truckee sourdough. I can no longer find anything in SF that's as good. We spent three months in Rio a couple of years ago and carried three loaves of their bread down so we could have periodic fixes :)

                  1. re: c oliver

                    To me it's what sourdough should be--and was, back in the 50's. Today's SUPERSOUR is just off putting and overpowers all but the strongest flavored sandwich fillings.

                    I like all their breads and rolls, just a great crumb, and they stay fresh for quite a while. Makes great toast, too.

                    Truckee Sourdough is just --divine.

                    1. re: toodie jane

                      So many people like Truckee Sourdough. It's available in markets here and I've always thought it was just okay. I'll have to give it another try.

                      1. re: SteveTimko

                        It's such a refreshing change from the super-sour that most places do. And I'm a partial to the finer crumb, good crust and semi-chewy texture. It just seems that most sourdough makers try to out-do each other to make the tangiest, sharpest sourdough.

                        related: I read somewhere in Sunday's SF Chronicle that Parisian Bakery was shuttering. I tried to find the reference, but couldn't. Anybody?

                        1. re: toodie jane

                          I think Parisian closed a few years ago. I haven't been able to find it in ages and believe I read that it had already closed. It was my favorite sour dough and never found another that I like nearly as well until Truckee. I love their slice sourdough. Also get their ciabatta, SD baguette and recently they had a rosemary baguette.

              2. Kathrina's in Auburn on 49 north. Great food b'fast & lunch, specials board is very creative.Closed Mondays.

                456 Grass Valley Hwy, Auburn, CA 95603

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                1. re: toodie jane

                  That would be Katrina's, and yes a very strong second, great food, generous portions.

                  1. re: toodie jane

                    Yeth, thankth PB.

                    parking can be difficult but perservere.