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Lamajeune (Armenian Pizza) in SFV?

I have loved lamajeune ever since my Armenian coworker introduced them to me about 10-12 years ago. I used to get them at a little armenian grocery in Reseda, but the place closed a couple years ago. Anyone know where I can get fresh (not frozen) lamajeune? I'm in the West Valley but work in Van Nuys. If they have the mini/small lamajeunes too, that would be an added bonus.


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  1. Jon's Market on Sepulveda at Sherman Way has an Armenian Bakery which does a variety of items, including lamajeune.

    There is also an Armenian bakery/sandwich shop on either Victory or Vanowen, sorry I can't be more specific on that.

    Lastly there's Armenian Pizza & Bakery at 6219 Van Nuys blvd.

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      Try Tarzana Armenian Grocery or Deli on Ventura in Tarzana. I''m not certain if they carry it, but it's worth a phone call.

    2. Not in the SFV, but if youa re ever in Santa Clarita , Manoushee has some terific ones www.manoushee.com

      1. This does not help you but if your are in the area and you really want to eat the best in LA, check this out. http://articles.latimes.com/2008/mar/...

        Partamian Bakery
        5410 W Adams Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016

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            Burger Boy,

            Thank you for that information!!!!

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              Thanks, BB. Those really are great photos of the customers and bakers. (I especially like the one of the older lady chowing down!) I'm going to try Partamian -- it all looks so good.

          2. There's an armenian market on Coldwater Canyon and Sherman Way on the southeast corner, that has all that stuff. A nice small market. My armenian friends swear by it and they order about a dozen at a time and freeeze them. They told me to order double meat. They love them, and this is their food. I just bought beautiful fresh cherries too.

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              I have had the ones from Partamian's and they are incredible. I can eat a dozen in 10 minutes they are so good!

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                I think you mean on Coldwater and Vanowen called Anush. Don't know if they have the pizza but the rest of their items are great.

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                  You're right about the location, but they do have them, a friend orders a dozen a week with extra meat, and they freeze them too.

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                    Now that we are on the same page I will certainly give it a try. I'm just so sold on the cooked lule kebab it's hard for me to order anything else. I'll be strong.

              2. Three recommendations:

                1) "Armenian Pizza" on Van Nuys Blvd., just north of Victory or Erwin (I believe). It is on the opposite side of the street from courthouse. They also have very tasty Armenian desserts. They have two sizes of lamajeune. The "large" is about 6 inches in diameter for $0.75.

                2) Dream Bakery on Sherman Way near Coldwater.

                3) Assuming it is still there, there also is a small Armenian bakery in the large shopping center on Laurel Canyon where the Sears is located.

                I prefer the crust on the lamajeune at Armenian Pizza, but the flavor of the meat may be slightly better at Dream.

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                  As a follow-up, "Armenian Pizza" is closed.

                  I've had good Lamajeune from Sweet One Bakery & Kebab Factory. This is an unknown gem in the San Fernando Valley on Oxnard, just west of Woodman. It's part bakery/grocery and they also do excellent cooked meats. I particularly love the quail and cornish game hen. The prices are ridiculously low -- a full cooked, cornish game hen is $4.99, three to four small lamb chops are $7.99. They also have beef and lamb offal on the menu, so if you like sweetbreads, liver or heart, they are under $5.00. I also recently got two whole trout for $7.00. (Those are ala carte prices where the meat is served with pita bread and raw onions.) The only things I haven't liked from there are the kebabs, which tend to be a little dry, and the beorek. Their pastries also are great.


                2. There is an Armenian bakery named Zankezur on the SW corner of Victory @ Woodman. I've had their lahmajoun (I got this particular spelling from dictionary dot com) several times. I obviously like it, but I'm no lahmajoun expert, so I can't really rate it.

                  1. There's a Deli/Market (don't know the name) in Van Nuys on Riverside, just East of Fulton on the South side of the street. Fresh lamajeune as well as great dry-cured olives and other tasties.

                    1. I've been eating this delicious concoction with a bit of sour cream or yogurt since the early seventies. The Best Place I've found nowadays is Sasoun Bakery. Santa Monica Blvd just
                      a few stores west of Normandie Avenue. East of Jon's Market (Corportate Headquarters).
                      On the south side of the street. They have a huge oven and will heat it for you if you ask. They
                      have kefir (preferred topping without lactose) on the premises and also a few drinks and a very
                      few other bakery goods. The recipe they use is just great. I've had many different recipes over the years and only one other came close. But that one is no longer in business.
                      I Cr 13:8a

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                        Try Partamian's on Adams. This is about as good as it gets. They use the real deal meat, lamb, on their Lahmajune, it costs more but it is so worth it! Try it and report back.

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                          Thanks for the recent response Burger Boy. I was driving through the area Saturday and the thought of a Partamian's lahmajune sounded good. Wasn't sure of the address so I must of missed the place. I saw a new Mexican bakery around the old location so I feared they'd gone under. Going to make a point of getting one (or two) probably next weekend. I've had them a few times and although my knowledge of Armenian food is feeble, the lahmajune was really tasty. I did also check yelp and although all the reviews were very high except some guy from Culver City gave it 2 stars and said he didn't taste it; he thought the price $1.75 was too high. That's why I normally don't base my decision on yelp (small y is deserved).

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                            That is Partamian's, the Partamian's name should still be on the sign. Leon, The owner, left the business to his two workers when he passed, he did not leave a will but the family got tpgether and honored Leon's wishes. What great people! Yes the price is high because they use lamb and bot beef and they do no skimp on the amount, it is the same as it was in the 60's.


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                              After leaving Pann's (they had the corned beef hash listed for St. Patrick's, but the line was too much for my party to handle), I got the bright idea to get some of those disc shaped goodies at Partamian's. Turned out that "Mexican bakery" was Partamian's. It's called F & J Bakery, but it still is the same place. Their business card says F&J Bakery, but the A. Partamian's logo is prominently and dead center in the card. So don't thrown by the sign outside as you drive by. Got some lahmajunes and left happy.

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                                I am pretty sure the Partamian's sign is still on the building along with the F&J Bakery sign.

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                                  Thanks, haven't made to F&J Yet, went to Sassoun's instead but I will make the effort to get there in the very near future.
                                  I Cr 13:8a

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                            This week I'm gonna go try the lamajeune on Adams. Will make another reply to
                            let you know what I think, Thanks Burger Boy.
                            I Cr 13:8a

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                              HEY BURGER BOY!
                              I finally made it to partamian (f&J) for lamajuene! Well the place is clean and the service is friendly. Street parking only, I parked across the street. But the flavor is something quite
                              different than I'm used to. I.75 per lamajuene, twice what I'm used to paying (90cents).
                              They had something (don't know the name but starts with K) similar to a knish only smaller
                              and it did have a good flavour. I prefer the flavour of sassoun and now I'm even going to
                              Super King Market on San Fernando next to Glendale. They have a similar flavour to
                              Sassoun but with a slightly thicker flat bread. Don't think I'll be going back to F&J unless
                              I want something different like a Hot Dog or a Ham and Cheese Sandwich which they
                              added to the menu cause they don't do very much business. Thanks.
                              I Cr 13:8a

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                                The reason it is $1.75 or $1.90 is because they use lamb, that is the old school way, my grandmother and aunts all made it this way.

                                1. re: Burger Boy

                                  That's not a bad price even for using lamb.

                                  Is a beef and lamb mixture or is just simply 100% ground lamb.

                                  damn, now I'm getting hungry for a trio of these.

                            2. re: johnnycee

                              I stopped by the Hollywood Sasoun yesterday and bought some of pretty much all their offerings. Their Lahmajune was great. I loved their spicy cheese, the spinach and the potato boureks as well I think the spinach one may have been my favorite. The maneisha (with zaatar) was great. I also got their tahini bread (sweet). Everything was fabulous! They also have locations in Reseda (in Jon's market on Sherman Way) and Van Nuys (in Jon's Market on Sepulveda) 2 in Glendale and one in La Crescenta. So delicious!

                              While there, run across the street to Spicy BBQ and get some of their delicious Northern Thai specialties. They have the usual suspects as well... but the northern stuff is a treat! Had that yesterday for lunch and for breakfast this morning! Be sure to get the roasted serrano dip if you can stand spicy!

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                                Thanks, I didn't know about the Thai BBQ, will certainly give it a go.
                                I Cr 13:8a

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                                    My guess: 1 Corinthians 13:8:

                                    "Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away."

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                                      Yes, you're correct. But my emphasis is the first part of the verse, hence the a.
                                      I Cr 13:8a, Love never fails! (NKJV)

                                      Of course I don't speak Swedish, but would it be alright to say:
                                      Kärlek misslyckas aldrig! ?

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                                      I Cr 13:8a, Love never fails !
                                      I add it to all my comments. It helps when doing Y!A's and lets my contacts know that its really me talking and not some troll.

                              2. The best I've ever had (and I've been eating lahmajune since I was a kid) is Taron Bakery in Hollywood, Glendale, or North Hollywood. They also make great spinach and cheese beoregs.

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                                  Please try Partamian's before you finalize that statement. I to have been eating them since I was a little boy in the 1960"s. I have had my grandmother's and aunt's versions, I have had all the Armenian Bakeries close to home, Silver Lake. The next best thing to homemade by the family was Partamian's, they use the original recipes from the regions that the original immigrants, fleeing the Turk's, used when they came here in the teens. 20's & 30's. Nothing at Partamian's is skimped, plenty of topping and they use lamb not beef. I rest my case your honor!

                                  1. re: Burger Boy

                                    Yes I for one am gonna make the effort to get there this week. And maybe even to Taron's on Hollywood Blvd. Wow, so many choices !
                                    I Cr 13:8a