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Mar 2, 2009 03:47 PM

Campo de Fiore - anything similar?

I used to love the pizza from Campo de Fiore. I live in the Metrowest so I would drive to the Weston location. I was very sad when they closed. Can anyone recommend somewhere with similar style pizza...flat bread, no/little sauce. I especially loved the rosemary olive oil bread!

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  1. The foccacia at Bottega di Fiorentina (sp) in Coolidge Corner *kinda* makes me think of that.

    1. I haven't tasted it but, I noticed that the Pizza at the River Street Whole foods is that thin, long, style where they cut off a length for you. I'll have to buy some the next time I'm there and do a taste test. The did seem to have more sauce and toppings then I would want.