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Mar 2, 2009 03:20 PM

24 HR/Late-night dining in Forest Hills?

I work nights, usually get home around 10-11. Are there any late night food spots on austin or queens blvd that i can go to get a quick bite at this time?

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  1. You could try the T-Bone Diner on Queens Blvd. off Continental, outside the entrance to the subway.

    1. I think the kitchen at five burros is open till midnight.

      1. tower diner might be open; it's good for a twin cheeseburger deluxe but that's about it. hella calories for maybe $10, and probably just what you need after getting home at 10 or 11.

        or, the subway on austin is open pretty late, til midnight or 1 or 2am on certain nights.

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          Tower Diner is open until 1 AM. They also have a great website for quick home delivery.