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Mar 2, 2009 02:46 PM

Before a Canucks Game

Thanks to this board a Las Vegas Chowhound has found a lot of outstanding options for an upcoming trip to Vancouver. But help is needed on one front - what are the best options before going to a Canucks game? Is there anything of interest near the arena (not adverse to food carts if there are any regional specialties)? I see that Monk McQueen's has a Dinner/Game package, although the menu options are limited. Are there some similar deals at other places? And does the arena offer anything beyond the usual fast-food options?

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  1. GM Place is close to Chambar (which would be my rec)...a bit further out but still walkable is Boneta, The Revel Room, The Greedy Pig, Jules (and a few more places). The neighborhood is sketchy - a bit of an Vancouver underbelly tour.

    Chinatown is fairly close by too. If you don't mind a bit of a walk ...the downtown restaurants are about a 15 minute walk.

    GM Place has some pretty poor arena food at exorbitant prices (like most arenas I guess).

    1. Wild Rice is quite close, and I always like the food there, asian food and good cocktails.

        1. re: bangkok

          Campagnolo is a great choice for pre-game -- we've seen a number of Vancouver jerseys in the house on the two game nights we've been there :-). Short taxi ride or you could walk through a bit of a Road Warrior area.

          1. re: grayelf

            I'd second Campagnolo. We ate there last month before we went to the game.

          2. re: bangkok

            If Yaletown is an option then Blue Water, Rodney's (pre-game oysters!), and a number of others (Yaletown Brewing, Hamilston St Grill, et al.) depending on your mood.

          3. I second Chambar. Good spot pre game for sure. Nice interior, happy people, good food, pretty great drinks.

            1. Chambar is the closest and really good.

              Campagnolo is a good option too. You can take the skytrain to the game (1 stop) once you're done.