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Mar 2, 2009 02:32 PM

The Road to Mammoth [moved from L.A. board]

The threads on the California board have geat suggestions but most of the places have gone out of busines! Any great finds between L A and Mammothy (other than Still Life) or in Mammoth? I go often and can never find a decent place to stop in between. Thanks!

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  1. city of bishop. there is a famous bread shop.....Schnetts (sp?)?? cant remember the exact name.
    famous for fresh bread (jalapeno cheese bread!!) and they have a section to buy food there too (sandwiches, etc).
    not bad from what i remember. then up the road is Mahogany...famous jerky place.

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      I think it might actually be Schatts. There is one in Bishop and one in Mammoth. They are famous for their Sheepherder's bread and do a turkey sandwich that is perfection itself.

      1. re: Bob Brooks

        It should be noted that the original Schatt's is the one in Bishop and they have no relationship to the Schatt's in Mammoth. We only stop at the one in Bishop - sometimes for an egg salad sandwich, sometimes just for bread and pastries.

      1. re: ElissaInPlaya the in and out suggestion saying Bishop is horrible?

        1. re: samtron608

          Maybe not horrible; just not chow-worthy. I've also stopped at the grocery store in Mojave, as well as Bishop.

          Our general m.o. is to stop at In-n-Out as a reward for making it out of the city, then drive without stops up to Mammoth.

          I have always wanted to stop at the Indian Wells Brewing Co; but the idea of driving for 2 more hours after that is unappealing.

          In Mammoth, we LOVE the Side Door, and also enjoy Angel's and Austria Hof. Coffee at the Loony Bean is good too.

      2. This will get moved to the California boards, but here's my two cents:

        I do this drive about twice a month and there's really nowhere to stop, nowhere at all (other than Still Life or Schatt's Bakkery).

        Mammoth itself is becoming more and more difficult with so many places closing, but Skadi's, Nevado's, Petra's and Lulu's are still consistently good (and I love Side Door, which is getting a full liquor license soon, as is Petra's, which is now just wine and beer).

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          Hey Yogachik, any good recommends for NYE dinner in Mammoth. Foodwise, seems like Skadi's, Nevado's, Petra's & The Lakefront restaurants are the best choices.

          What about for atmosphere? I've only been to The Lakefront which is great but might be a bit mellow for New Years.

          My girlfriend and I will be going with a couple of friends. Probably hit up something else after dinner for more festivities. Thanks.

        2. Mahogany Smoked meats in Bishop

          Best beef jerky ever. Awesome smoked bacon, ham and sausages as well

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            If you have a kitchen in Mammoth, pick up the maple smoked bacon from Mahogany as well as the beef jerky. Awesome. Everything is pricey (jerky is $35/lb), but you it has a clean meat taste without preservatives, chemicals, or liquid smoke. The jerky is great for ski trip/road trip snacks!

          2. Heading up there this weekend myself. Nothing is great to eat, but we've had good luck at the Upper Crust Pizza Co. in Bishop and at Bonanza, a pretty solid Mexican restaurant in Lone Pine. I'm not a fan of the Ranch House. Schat's in Bishop is fun for getting a sandwich or a loaf of bread, but sometimes the crowds are offputting.