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Mar 2, 2009 02:24 PM

Great brunch in lower Westchester - where?

I'm looking for a place that serves great brunch (preferably with pancakes on the menu). Bonus would a child-friendly place. Can anyone recommend a good restaurant? Thanks!

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  1. We have gone to Harvest, in Dobbs Ferry a few times recently for brunch & love it.

    We also bring along my 8 year old daughter & 6 month old son no problem.

    Excellent pancakes - great view - very reasonably priced for a fancier place.

    It is in Dobbs Ferry on the Water in what used to be Chart House

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    1. re: dknyc1

      Just want to clear up a little confusion....Half Moon is the name of the restaurant in Dobbs. It's owned by the same group that owns Havrest on Harvest in Hastings.

      1. re: cavandre

        Thanks. I don't know if Half Moon is good, but Harvest is an abomination. Never had a good meal there. Sigh... Such a beautiful spot , though.

    2. Zanaros and Vintage in White Plains