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Mar 2, 2009 02:13 PM

Suppliers of fresh (not frozen) game meat in Los Angeles?

Is anyone aware of any local (preferably but not necessarily near Silverlake) butchers that offer fresh game meats such as venison, elk, etc.? I am aware of several sources of frozen game meats such as Harmony Farms, but have yet to find someone who can source these fresh.

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  1. I knew a Norwegian woman who was trying to find fresh venison and reindeer for a dinner and had a really hard time. Eventually, she called Saddle Peak Lodge and harassed them until they told her who their distributor was. Then she had to agree to buy 20 pounds of venison, so she talked to all of her neighbors and convinced them to go in on the purchase with her. The end result was one of the best proteins I ever had in my life.

    (Venison tenderloin, marinated, seared, rested, sliced and served rare with lingonberry jam and sautéed chanterelle mushrooms on chopped root vegetables and topped with a venison and vegetable gravy, finished at the last second with sweet raspberries. In fact, thinking about it makes me want to cry.)

    She also said that she couldn't find reindeer anywhere.

    1. I've gotten game in the past from Broadleaf Meat & Game. Top notch stuff, in my experience at least. Not sure about the fresh vs. frozen though. (I'm not picky about such things.) You should call and ask.

      Broadleaf Venison USA
      5600 S Alameda St, Vernon, CA

      1. I heard there is a place in silver lake or echo park that has really nice cuts of elk but i've yet to find it........