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Mar 2, 2009 02:09 PM

CSA farms that deliver to GTA?

I've read the other threads on this topic. I am planning to join a CSA (Community supported agriculture) farm this season. I would love to hear from local hounds who are/know shareholders of any farms that deliver to Toronto. How's the quality of the produce?, Price per share? depo spots? etc..

Thanks, haggisdragon

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  1. Try googling Kawartha Ecological Growers. They just started a CSA drop-off in Toronto. They supply produce for restaurants like JK Wine Bar.

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      Thanks merlot143, that's actually one of the places I'm considering..

    2. we ordered from Plan B Organics. they have several depots across the city

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        Is this your first season with Plan B Apple? If not how would you rate the produce?

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          i use chick-a-biddy acres. their website gives info on price for shares etc. the food is fantastic, but seasonal only (starts sometime in may and ends in late october/early november depending on what's in the fields). they supply gladstone hotel with produce. but they don't do any fruit. veggies and herbs only, plus eggs and some meat for extra $. they have two depot spots (harbord street, and argyle (queen/dovercourt area).

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            We just finished my first season with Plan B. The folks over there are very kind and this past season was their largest ever. So keep that in mind as you read my comments:

            Produce - There was a lot of variety and we received alot of vegetables we wouldn't have normally purchased organically - such as shitake mushrooms and potatoes. (Fantastic BTW and I am a believer.) We also received things like mizuna which had never eaten before but now love. We also received a bunch of herbs with the roots still attached. I planted them in my garden and enjoyed it the rest of the summer (basil and cilantro) At the height of summer - we found way too much lettuce and in the fall/winter - too many 1kg bags of turtle beans. Not sure if this is normal - but we found alot of worms in our corn and broccoli. (harmless, i am sure... is this a factor of organic produce? I don't know... but my husband was turned off corn for a long time (lol). ) There were a couple of times where the vegetables were moldy and sometimes even mushy upon arrival (cantelopes had turned soupy on one side). It was hot in the summer and not sure if the van was air conditioned, but it was a shame to throw away that organic produce. Melanie at Plan B handled things well and was reasonably accomodating on the occasion we had issues.

            Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions! happy to answer them

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              Thanks for the detailed description Apple. You have been a great help. Yes organic produce often has extra critters that come along with it, especially broccoli apparently. You can soak your veg in lots of salt water for a few minutes and the bugs should float to the top.

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                Thanks... I will know for next time!

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                Plan B will also deliver to your house for $5 a week provided you are reasonably close to a depot. We're probably signing up for our third summer so obviously we are pleased overall. I agree about too much of certain items - way too many potatoes for us. Other items are not as delicious as I would like; typically the melons are not very sweet (and when I'm getting a watermelon every week it needs to be good watermelon). Overall, however, there is a good variety of tasty veg with the odd fruit thrown in.
                And what did you find to do with that mizuna, exactly? I kept wishing it was arugula myself...

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                  we're down the street from the depot - so yes, we could order from them. We had our winter shares delivered... there was no way I was planning to stand around in the dark waiting for cabbage!

                  But I am still on the fence for this season. Wholearth has meats and the idea of having farm fresh eggs delivered to our home buckles my knees.

                  For the mizuna - we ended up having it in salad and in stir frys. Interesting, but still I wished for big bunches of argula, too. I was able to grow some in potted containers this past summer (and will do it again this summer) - that helped scratch the itch

          2. I use Wholearth Farms from Hastings. Incredible meats and produce. I have been a member of this farm for 4 years now. She drops off in GTA and Toronto. The meats area all organic and heritage breeds...makes for much more flavour and richer textures. The lamb doesn't leave that strange scent some people may find offensive. Definitely a must-try.


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              i checked out their site - sounds amazing... trying to see if they deliver to the beaches.

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                Please let us know if they do. I live there as well and am looking for options that don't involve picking up my boxes across the city each week.

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                  well - ms. clicquot - ask and you shall receive...

                  montana jones just emailed me saying they are considering a shipment to the beaches because there is some demand in the nabe. If you're interested - email at


                  1. re: Apple

                    Thanks so much for the info Apple! I appreciate it. I'm pleased that there seem to be a growing number of options for CSA in Toronto.

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                Thanks socallmewren, thats the first I have heard of them. I'll check them out. Right now I'm thinking of going with Kawartha Ecological Growers. They are a group of about 20 different family farms. According to their website they JK Wine Bar and some other TO restos.


              3. Twin Creeks Farm sells at the Trinity-Bellwoods Farmers Market on Tuesdays and also offers monthly meat and vegetable CSA options.

                The market is located at the north entrance of the Trinity-Bellwoods park (off of Dundas Street at Crawford St.).

                Twin Creeks Farm offers "Certified Naturally Grown" meats and vegetables and consider their farm & products to be "Beyond Organic".

                A visit to the farm is documented at the following blog - http://seasonalontariofood.blogspot.c....

                I am just joining as a new member. They seem like good people and they have five young boys who also work on the farm. My support of this enterprise feels satisfying. I will let you know how it goes. Does anyone have experience with this farm?


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                  Twin Creeks Farm - photo from Trinity-Bellwoods Farmers Market.

                  It feels very satisfying to see the face of the person who raises your food.


                  1. re: BET

                    I'm interested in joining this year too. how is it going?