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Mar 2, 2009 01:49 PM

King Street Social Diner - Hyatt Regency

I was fortunate enough to get a sneak preview to the new restaurant at the Hyatt Regency Toronto On King.
This was formerly the Holiday Inn.
I must admit that the food was much better and the menu is quite diverse. What strikes me is the show kitchen in the dining room area.
The menu is truly global in nature and has a diverse selection of items.
For instance I had Stuffed Olives with Red Pepper and Anchovies for starters and my guest had fresh mozzarella with grilled tomato and pesto.
Mains were Sticky Ribs and Vietnamese Pho, not often you see those on the same menu, eh?
The ribs, I am told were quite nice and the portion was substantial.
The Pho was very flavourful, again a substantial serving, and I was satisfied. I asked about the ingredients, and was told by a server, that the goal is authenticity in the experience. There were many items on the menu from different regions.
This will be a good addition to the area offering more high end dining.
Yes , I know the knock on Hotel food, but this one is capable of rising above some of the others. And no, Hyatt does not sign my pay cheque....
I also had the best Caesar drink in my life there. Made with fresh ingredients, yes fresh.

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  1. Did they made the Caesar with fresh clam juice?

    I always hate a place that tries to be too many things.. if you have Western & asian and southern and .. and .. and on the menu something will get lost along the way.. sure they may do it well now for a pre-tasting but wait a month or two when the Chef is not watching every pot with an eagle eye and see how the food is...

    Is this place open to the street? I always hates the holiday in as it always seemed so inaccssible.. stairs everywhere... never could look in a window and see what the place was like...

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      They have a new Executive Chef here now.
      I am excited to see what Chad Goudie brings to the table.