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Mar 2, 2009 01:35 PM

Need Palm Beach Garden recommendations...

I'll be staying in Palm Beach Gardens with my husband. Any recommendations? What are your top 3 restaurants in the area (or within 20 minutes of the area). Thanks!

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  1. How about a price point you are looking for? Also, some categories would be helpful, like seafood, steaks, etc.

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      ^ Yes, I've lived in Jupiter and PBG for years, so I would have too many ideas to just give you, so if you could specify. That being said, some of my favorites are:

      City Cellar - CityPlace (Palm Beach)

      Testa's - Palm Beach

      Chuck and Harold's - Palm Beach

      Brass Ring Pub (best hamburgers in the area, I promise) - PBG

      Gelato Grotto - Legacy Place - across from Gardens Mall

      Pronti's - Northlake Blvd (good italian, but haven't been in a few years)

      Carmine's Ocean Grille - PBG, very good italian/seafood

      Kevin's NY Deli - across from Carmine's, great deli sandwiches

      TooJay's - local jewish deli chain, very good quality, which I can attest to as my fiance's father is a regional manager and have spoken to him about sourcing, etc. Inexpensive as well, better for lunch than dinner.

      Jim's Place - Jupiter, FL (Indiantown Road), best breakfast in the area, good old southern place, cash only!

      Schooner's Restaurant - Jupiter, FL (great seafood soup/lunch)

      Well, hope that gets you started. :)


      1. re: sarcasticfolly

        Pronti's has been around for a long time. I remember going there when I lived here in 1975 and 76.

        I've had Kevin's NY Deli on my radar.

        1. re: freakerdude

          Kevin's is a sandwich place, and much better corned beef than toTooJays.
          We go to TooJays with the Grandkids, as there is a huge variety.
          The food is O.K., but the desserts are excellent.
          We really like Chuck and Harolds, and Testa's, but that is a trek into Palm Beach.
          We also like City Grill, in PBG's but many others don't.
          Especially the Black Cod on Soba Noodles.
          Unfortunately, there are many mediocre restaurants in the area, at all price points..

    2. - Breakfast -
      Jim's Place (Jupiter) - As said above, it's the best breakfast around, but you'll pay the price waiting for a table. If you don't mind, you'll appreciate the payoff once you are served. $5-10 range

      Howley's (WPB) - Classic diner with classic diner breakfast done right. Great diner atmosphere too. $5-10

      - Lunch -
      Kevin's NY Deli (PBG)- If you're from the NY area or just appreciate a real sandwich, come here and sit out by the water on a nice afternoon. $10 range

      Brass Ring Pub (N. Palm Beach)- I think most will agree that it is the best burger in South Florida. It's a total dive but there's definitely a mixed crowd. Last week when I was there, there were about ten choppers, some beat up cars, a ferrari, a mercedes in the parking this gives you a sense of how mixed the crowd is. My favorite wings in the area too, and can't forget cold cheap pitchers of beer. $5-10 range. (Good dinner spot too)

      - Dinner -
      Leftovers Cafe/Food Shack (Jupiter) - Same owner, similar food items, both great. Fresh fish done amazingly well is the prime attraction here. Be ready to wait any given night though at either location. $20-25 range.

      Cafe Chardonnay (PBG)- Don't let the fact that it's in a Publix center fool you. This is a great upscale restaurant with some creative entrees in addition to the classics. Great specials (as in items not prices). $30-40 range.
      View sample menu:

      - Dessert -

      Sloan's (PBG, WPB) - IMO, a local version of Coldstone type ice cream done a little better, with a much better atmosphere and decor that makes you feel like a kid again. $5-6 range

      As importantly, I can't disagree with any of the other recs given. Let us know where you end up going. Enjoy!

      1. Thanks for the recommendations. We ended up eating at the Yard House - very crowded but food was very good, Capital Grill - excellent, Vic and Angelo's - terrific pizza and Yu Mi sushi - pretty good, very good quality fish.

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          So much for recommendations. Good choices, however. You may have been better off at III Forks rather than Capital Grill -- at least they serve prime beef.