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Mar 2, 2009 12:54 PM

Wasabi House- Matawan?

I just saw an advertisement in Shop-A-Holic for a Grand Opening of Wasabi House in Matawan at 392 rt 34. We love the East Brunswick location, but it is a bit of a trip from Old Bridge, so I am excited about the possibility of it closer to home. The advertisement also had coupons for $5 off a $30 order and $10 off a $60 order. Has anyone been to this location yet?

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  1. update- dh and i went there for dinner tonight, only to find a darkened restaurant. i don't know if they haven't opened yet or were closed today due to the weather. does anyone know if this location is open yet?

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      I have not heard of Wasabi House before your post, I presume it's Japanese? It might not have been the weather. Many restaurants are regularly closed on Monday. If the advertisement has a phone number, you could call to find out if they have opened and what their days and hours of operation are.

      1. re: RGR

        thanks RGR. yes, wasabi house is a very popular sushi restaurant in east brunswick. it looks like they took over the location of a failed restaurant on rt 34. when we were trying to find it, we did call the number on the advertisement, but there was no answer. the advertisement said they were open every day, so it appears that they haven't opened this location yet.

    2. update- wasabi house in matawan is open and just as good as the east brunswick location. one of the best east brunswick sushi chefs (i think his name is lee) is there and is doing a great job. while wasabi house is a bit more expensive than other options in the area (ie mahzu) the quality of the fish is well worth the visit. i would recommend wasabi house to any sushi lovers in the area. i have been interested in trying sushi by kazu in howell, so i welcome any comparisons between the two places.

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        So.. does this place (Wasabi House) replace Bistro Amerigo, or do they both share the same location? Hmmm.. same phone number, too, as BA.

        The sushi at Bistro Amerigo was pretty decent.. I'll have to check the new place out for lunch soon.

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          good question, marlboro man. i'm not sure which restaurant was previously in this location, but it is across from the shopping mall with the liquor store, spanish restaurant, and catering hall. i believe the sushi/sashimi lunch is $16, so for two people you could take advantage of the $5 off $30 coupon from Clipper Magazine. it's still expensive, but we really like it.

          1. re: MarlboroMan

            Yes, went here today for lunch.
            Bistro Amerigo Out. Wasabi In.
            They had some really creative additions to the standard East Brunswick menu a Fried Calamari Roll, a Enoki Mushroom Roll, and a Net Spring Roll. Excellent Lunch!

            1. re: shabbystorm

              My wife and I have been around the central NJ area trying out different sushi retaurants and I have to say Wasabi House is one of the best and freshest sushi I have had. We sat at the sushi bar and had a talk with their head sushi chef. I told him that I have been to their location in East Brunswick as well, but I love how they are trying out new things with the Matawan location.

              We tried many new additions to their menu today.
              Mango Salad: the mangos really brought out the flavor of this salad
              Grilled New Zealand Mussels: these mussels were huge. Well worth it for the price
              Red Dragon Roll: I love eel and this roll gave me just what I wanted
              Matawan Roll: This roll was interesting. I rarely see a roll made with soy paper on the outside

              These specials were great and we'll definately be back to try some more!

          2. re: njchowgal

            That's great to hear. I had take out from the East Brunswick location and I was very impressed with the quality of the fish. I haven't been successful in getting my husband to take me there for dinner. At least the Matawan location is down the road from me (and way closer!).

          3. I just went to Wasabi House for lunch today. First of all, I am a purist. I only order sashimi and tea so that is the sole basis of my opinion.

            I wasn't impressed at all- sashimi was cut too large and it didn't all taste fresh. No comparison to Sushi by Kazu, njchowgal. The sashimi there is delicate, small and super fresh. Of course it is twice as expensive for about the same volume of sashimi but worth it in my book (and I am super cheap).

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              That is really unfortunate to hear taste test. I have heard nothing but good things about this restaurant. My friends always rave to me about how fresh the sushi at this particular chain is. Then again, I don't just go for sashimi, I am more into rolls and sushi.

              1. re: patjordan67

                In all fairness, my husband got maki rolls and really liked them. I would just stay away from the sashimi.

                1. re: taste test

                  Had dinner here last night (Wasabi House in Matawan). Pretty much had the whole restaurant to myself. Went by myself, brought a book, sat at the sushi bar, never opened the book. Sushi chef (Lee) was very friendly and engaging. Gave me a freebie, some sort of whitefish (fluke) in ponzu with scallions. Off to a good start.

                  I asked about the mackerel.. did they marinate their own? No. He gave me a taste - gratis. Wasn't as good as I had hoped, too vinegary, but I appreciated the gesture. I ordered a spicy tuna roll. Good, but not made with spicy mayo.. he explained that he prefers not to make them with mayo so the tuna shines through. The roll was thin on the rice, but very generous on the tuna.. and the chili paste about knocked my head off.. he said he'd be happy to use spicy mayo next time if I asked.

                  Next, I had hamachi kama.. more than I've usually paid at $13.95, but a portion more generous than most places.. and excellent as well. Next, I had salmon, scallop, yellowtail, and salmon roe nigiris. The fish pieces were huge, very fresh, overlapped the rice.. I could easily get 3-4 bites out of the salmon and yellowtail. Both were buttery. Scallop was sweet and very fresh.

                  Hamachi kama filled me up.. after the additional sushi, I was done. All in all, excellent, I will definitely return.

                  1. re: MarlboroMan

                    Went back to Wasabi House for lunch on Friday, with a friend I hadn't seen since high school.

                    We walked in at about 12:30.. Lee the sushi chef immediately recognized me as "Marlboro Man" from Chowhound.. guess he's read my reviews. :)

                    Again, free appetizer.. this time it was "white tuna" (actually escolar) chopped up in ponzu sauce. We both enjoyed this.

                    I again ordered the hamachi kama, which was excellent. Then ordered a la carte.. spicy tuna roll (with mayo this time), and a bunch of sushi.. salmon, yellowtail, tuna, scallop, salmon roe, and botan ebi. Excellent presentation, beautifully displayed. Again, very generous, very fresh fish. Botan ebi (giant raw shrimp) were served with the heads fried. The tuna was recommended and was closer to "chu toro".. very smooth and tender.

                    The icing on the cake was a small dish of FRESH wasabi. This was only the second time in my life I've ever had this delicacy. Superb.

                    I've been looking for a "regular" sushi place. Now I know I've found it. Really no need to look anywhere else. My friend was also very impressed.

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                      MarlbM, I'm taking a friend from San Diego there this week based on your high praise. After a morning of sky diving with him I was looking for the right energy pairing. I'll check back w/our review.

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                        Forgot to mention, we also had unagi which was excellent as well. Photo is of our platter.

              2. Yeah, my husband and I stopped by with some friends who live near by. We tried Wasabi house on Rt. 18 in the past, but I think this place is better. Though inside decor isn't what I would call extravagant, but the quality of the food more than made up for it! We ordered Firecracker for appetizer followed by Sushi-Sashimi with some maki rolls and Fried ice cream for dessert. We thought the sushi and sashimi were very fresh (I like the way chef cut them extra thick for me) and service were family friendly. We would definitely go back when we are in the neighborhood.

                1. We've gone to Wasabi House many times, but today it seemed to have gone downhill a bit. The salad dressing was watery (or maybe the lettuce hadn't been dry enough), the salmon roe was not as fresh as it could have been, the "exit candy" was ordinary peppermint candies instead of Japanese candies, and the TV had football instead of the Food Channel. It may be just a temporary glitch because of the holidays; I certainly hope so.