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Mar 2, 2009 12:24 PM

What can I get in Dayton, OH I can't find in LA?

I am going to be in Dayton for work at the end of March and am looking for unique food experiences to try. I know I will at least go to either White Castle or Culvers, but I would Like to Limit the fast food consumption on this trip.

I made this request in Des Moines a year ago and had a fantastic time trying some Salumi from La Quercia and drinking a fantastic Local Rye Whiskey Templeton's

Are there any local only fantastic Experiences in Dayton? Let me know.

Take Care

- P.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Pizza with salt on the bottom of the crust (Marion's)

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      1. re: FireRev

        Sounds Interesting. Can you get it by the slice?

        Marion's Piazza: Centerville
        241 N Main St, Dayton, OH 45402

        1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

          No, it's thin-crust and cut into bite-sized pieces.

          You may get bored, lemons, but there are a lot of things you could catch in LA that you probably won't in Dayton.

      2. You can get Cincinnati chili at many places in Dayton. It was an invention, I believe, of Bulgarians in Cincinnati. It's chili spaghetti, with cheese (three-way), raw onions or beans (four-way), or the works (five-way), all topped with oyster crackers on a ridiculously small plate that pretty much forces you to spill it all over the place. Unique flavor due in part to the use of cocoa or chocolate, with allspice and other spices. Skyline Chili is the best of the chains IMO, but other chains have their partisans. There are local places in Cincinnati that serve a better version, but I don't know about Dayton. Skyline is all over the place, however:

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        1. re: Jim M

          Matta this place is almost a must.

          You won't find this stuff anywhere else in the country except in the freezer case in some places. It's a very unique experience. I get mine 3 way or coney dogs. The "Chili" is more of a spaghetti sauce and has a distinct taste. Put out all preconceived notions of what chili should be and taste like. The goofiest part of all is, it comes with an impossibly generous mound of cheese on top.

          We almost always stop for it when we're on the road since it's roughly dinner time when we go through there.

          I'm not saying you're gonna like it but if you want something unique........


          1. re: Davwud

            I'm a little scared but if it is close I'll try it

            Skyline Chili
            1153 Brown St, Dayton, OH 45409

            1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

              No need to be scared. The first time I tried it, it took about half an order before I absolutely loved it. Now I make it at home sometimes. It's not like you're gonna drop $25 on an order. Order something small as a taste and if it's for you, go for more. If it's not, chalk it up to experience. Even if I didn't like it, I would be more than happy to say that I gave it a try.


              1. re: Davwud

                i just saw this post and skyilne was my first thought. love it. miss it now that we don't live there anymore!

          2. re: Jim M

            cincinnai chili, at least at the original all-night parlors in cincinnati, was greek. and it ain't chili. just watch out. best eaten after the bars close. never found true facsimilie anywhere outside sw ohio. even still, it's been bastardized and now even available drive thru. this is amazing because it's messy messy messy! and you probably won't enjoy it all that much. you might find decent tings in dayton oh, but noting much new there. stick with what's safe on any menu................ that's my best advice. btw, the chili is rumored to have unsweetened baker's chocolate and/or coffee in it. i say maybe chocolate and some other mystery ingredients.

            1. re: Jim M

              It was Greek folks that came up with it... and some of the local small shops are still owned by Greek families.

              1. re: browneyedgirl83

                IMO, it is the small local shops that do it best. Much better than the two largest chains. There are a couple small chili parlors in Dayton, on the West side. I haven't tried them.

                1. re: Fibber McGee

                  Funny this should come up. We just left Skyline on Miller Lane. We're in the Drury Inn watching the game now.

                  Good storm we just had.


                  1. re: Fibber McGee

                    what are the names of the 2 places on the west side?

                    1. re: jackrugby

                      Ramiz's, which is on W. Third across from the Veteran's Cemetery, and 5 Star, which is on Siebenthaler. I've tried 5 Star when there was one on Broad St in Fairborn. Not too bad. That location is now a chinese restaurant, the one with the drive-thru window.

                        1. re: JohnE O

                          No, not in Dayton. Unless that happened real recently.

                          1. re: Fibber McGee

                            There aren't any Empress Chilis in Dayton.

                            I'll have to try Ramiz's and 5 Star, thanks for the info.

                2. One thing that you can get in Dayton that you often can't find in LA is good food at reasonable prices!

                  Although I haven't been there myself, I have heard good things about Rue Dumaine in Centerville. Anne Kearney is a nationally known chef (James Beard award winner) from her years cooking/owning Peristyle in New Orleans and she has returned home to open her new place in Centerville. I believe the menu features regional dishes although the food has influences from all over. And I know that they are charging less than they did in their restaurant in N.O.


                  The other thought would be Amish/Mennonite food. I believe there is a family style chicken restaurant in Waynesville that is Mennonite owned and has country style food. The name escapes me at the moment, but I'm sure others will know of it or another one like it closer in to town. (Having lived in LA for 35 years, I can't think of a family style chicken restaurant there. Just Roscoe's for chicken and it's not at all the same thing.


                  Oh, and it's a chain, but there isn't anything exactly like it in LA and it's emblematic of Ohio style chain restaurants: Bob Evans. Biscuits and Gravy, Grits, SAusage and all that kind of food.

                  Have fun. We have found lots of interesting places to poke around in in the Dayton area and I hope you have fun too.

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                  1. re: dumas

                    I believe the Amish restaurant in Waynesville dumas is refering to is Der Dutchman.
                    It is a small chain of Amish style cooking that I believe is only in Ohio. If you go I recommend the shredded beef and noodles as well as the donuts and pies. Yum!!

                    1. re: qkalis

                      Der Dutchman seems its like what I'm looking for though it seems a little far from Downtown Dayton where I'll be but if traffic is not an issue It would be worth the trip

                      Der Dutchman
                      230 N State Route 42, Waynesville, OH 45068

                      1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

                        The one thing I can GUARANTEE you can get in Dayton that you won't get in LA is around...there's no traffic even close to compare with LA. And Der Dutchman donuts are slap your mama good...Well worth the trip & the impending sugar coma.

                      2. re: qkalis

                        Der Dutchman does a very good job recreating the food of the Amish , but their bread pudding is to die for.

                        Id suggest a trip to Jungle Jim's for the experience and if you have room to carry a few items back to LA.

                        Der Dutchman
                        230 N State Route 42, Waynesville, OH 45068

                        Jungle Jim's Cafe
                        1923 N Peoria Rd, Springfield, IL 62702

                      3. re: dumas

                        Depending on how my Cholesterol is feeling I might do Bob Evans though if there is a local alternative to it that might be better.

                        Bob Evans Farms Restaurant
                        1901 W Dorothy Ln, Moraine, OH 45439

                        1. re: dumas

                          yep. that place in waynesville is wholesome regular food. LOTS of it. lots of hurrah for the all-you-care-to-eat in those parts. feedbags, i call them. go sunday just to watch people.

                          1. re: lil magill

                            If you're referring to Der Dutchman, they are closed on Sunday. Which, I believe, all Ohio Amish restaurants are with a few rare exceptions.

                            Der Dutchman
                            230 N State Route 42, Waynesville, OH 45068

                        2. Well you can probably get them via mail order, but the Esther Price candy company is HQ'd in Dayton:


                          My neighbor tells me if you take a tour you can get a ridiculous amount of candy on the cheap.