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Mar 2, 2009 12:18 PM

Great restaurants at a reasonable price in Maine and New Hampshire?

After driving up the coast of New England, I'm going to be spending a couple of weeks in Maine and New Hampshire. I'm looking for good, local, one-of-a-kind restaurants serving fresh food at a reasonable price. What are your favorite little places?

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  1. Exactly what price range do you consider to be reasonably priced? That would help to give you some reasonably priced places. As some peoples idea of what is reasonable can be quite different. Will watch for your responce and then will try and help you.. Earle Ct.

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    1. re: Earle

      For lunch, $10 and under, preferably.

      1. re: ragamuffin

        There are a few places I know of in Southern Maine. Most are not open as yet, but there is a place in York on Rt 1 called Wild Willies for hamburgs and sandwiches, there is a place called Flo's on Rt 1 in York. But not open until April. With you limit your places open early in the year are going to be sparse. Earle Ct.

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          Flo's in York is open all year round, not closed until april. Every day except Wednesday from 11-3. Flo's sells only hot dogs sodas and potato chips. Very good steamed dogs with special sauce.

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            We need to add that's it's worth picking a jar or two of Flo's special whilst there for home consumption.


            1. re: Harp00n

              I'm with you Harp. Problem is, I use 1/2 jar at one sitting. God that stuff is good.

    2. there is a sandwich shop under the highway in Bath that sells a mean dagwood sandwich. I like mae's Cafe in Bath as well, great breakfast stuff and a reasonable lunch and dinner. The great impasta in Brunswick is a nice place that I think is reasonable for dinner. I also like Le Garage in Wiscasset for a good maine menu.

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        I would second the vote for Flo's in York for a quick, simple, Southern Maine landmark. I'd also throw in Five Islands Lobster Co. in Georgetown ( for some great seafood and views. Mike's Clam Shack in Wells is also a good, cheap option for fried seafood/lunch and a beer. If you do drive through Brunswick, try Gelato Fiasco for an array of delicious gelato.

        1. re: obraustin

          Second time I have heard about Gelato Fisasco. Is it real, authentic gelato? I'll have to try this summer. Is it near the Tontine????

          1. re: jspear

            Gelato Fiasco is on Maine Ave near MJ Grille and the Deli.

            The Gelato Fiasco
            74 Maine Street, Brunswick, ME

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              Yup, it's the real deal. I believe it's the best gelati I've had outside of Italy, and I've tried dozens of places, from Boston, to NYC, to SF.

              Great traditional flavors, and some fun American ones, like Junior Mint. I spoke with the gelati maker last time I was there--he's a real pro.

            2. re: obraustin

              Five Islands won't open for awhile...probably weekends in late May.

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                Hi obraustin,
                As I posted on another Maine thread, Sarah's Dockside is just around the corner on Gott Cove from Five Islands. The view is just as spectacular, more secluded, the same fresh off the boat seafood and no tourist buses. It's is strictly alfresco lobster-in-the-rough dining so know before you go. They open in Mid-June. For some reason I can't access the link that I created! So here's their website;


                Five Islands Lobster Co.
                1447 Five Islands Rd, Georgetown, ME 04548

            3. Jumpin Jays in Portsmouth is great...but perhaps a bit more pricey.

              1. If you aren't sticking to the coast, my favorite lunch places in Concord NH would be In a Pinch Cafe (great soups and sandwiches) and Bread and Chocolate (great bread. They pre-make some sandwiches that are quite tasty and one-of-a kind). Across the street from Bread and Chocolate is the Concord Food Coop which has a tiny fresh/hot foods section - I think all their food is organic.

                1. Big G's Winslow Maine. The sandwiches are unbeliveable.....get the "whole" not the "half" for the full effect.

                  Big G's
                  581 Benton Ave, Winslow, ME