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Mar 2, 2009 12:14 PM

Inexpensive and fantastic seafood along the New England coast?

I'm going to be driving up the coast, from Providence, RI to Eastport, ME, over the course of a week. I would love to eat at fantastic, inexpensive, hole-in-the-wall types of places along the way. Seafood is preferable. Any suggestions?

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  1. In Wells, Me a place with really great seafood, very inexpensive shack kind of place is the Fisherman's Catch. When are you going?? Most places, including FC, are not open until April at least.

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    1. re: emilief

      I'm arriving in the area on April 22. Hope the place is open by then!

      1. re: ragamuffin

        One of my favorite places, by far. According to their website they open in early May.

    2. There are a lot of folks who can answer this question far better than I can for the long stretch of 95 past Boston, but, in the Boston area, I'm going to go ahead and put Kelly's Roast Beef in Revere out there. It doesn't necessarily meet the "fantastic" requirement, but it definitely hits the "inexpensive, hole-in-the-wall" requirement. The seafood is fresh, and, while it is not as good as almost anywhere I've been in Maine, it's better than anywhere else I've been around Boston. And it's famous. And the roast beef is pretty damn decent.

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        Essex has numerous clam shacks such as Farnham, the Clam Box and Woodmans. I think you should go north, then return and stay a night and have lunch.

        1. re: trufflehound

          I would avoid Woodman's, an overpriced, mediocre tourist trap. Farnham's is good, but the Clam Box is by far the best of the three. BTW, The Clam Box is in Ipswich, not Essex.

      2. Inexpensive and fantastic is usually mutually exclusive. Most will still be closed, even snowed in, in downeast Maine.
        Susan's Fish and Chips, Forest Ave, Portalnd.

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          Jordan's Snack Bar, Rt 1 Ellsworth opens the 11th, best fried clams I know, but ain't cheap. French fries are worthless.

          1. re: Passadumkeg

            OMG....I used to work with the owner wife....LOL. Never ate there....but the place was always packed when I drove by.

            1. re: westernmaine


              Ruthie & Wimpie's, Hancock, Me. Cheapest lobster I know. Last season, a lobber & corn on the cob, $9.95.

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                So pass what do you tink of Helens?....I think the Machias one is the real deal.....OMG the Grape Nut pie!....I'll stay in the hotel to eat it....

                1. re: westernmaine

                  The Ellsworth Helen's is subpar; the one in Machias has gone down hill too. We too prefer Blue Bird Ranch. But some items are bad too.

        2. I think LeGarage in Wiscasset is open, I think they close for either January or February. They have an interesting mix of foods, some maine classics like finan haddie. I send a lot of folks to the Robinhood Meeting House in Georgetown, best cream cheese bisquit in the world and great local food. Kind of pricey for what you are looking for but always worth it. they will do a great taster.....

          1. If you want to splurge a little, check out the Back Eddy in Westport, Mass. It's closed for the winter but reopens in a few weeks.

            I really think it's a great place for very fresh, well-prepared seafood. Swordfish, scallops, fried clams, fish and chips, etc. And the sunsets are not to be believed.

            Actually, from what I've read about what the "clam shacks" in Essex are charging these days, the Back Eddy barely qualifies as a splurge.

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            1. re: Bob W

              the back eddy is a splurge,20$ for fish and chips??