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Mar 2, 2009 12:10 PM

Dinner near Tsawwassen, Delta

I’ll be doing some work in South Surrey and staying in White Rock next week. On Sunday
( March 8) I am picking up my two oldest sons at the Tsawwassen ferry terminal to go for an early, leasurely dinner ( 6 pm)

I would appreciate any suggestions for a good, informal, restaurant in the area, so we do not have to spend too much time in travel. My sons are going back to Victoria after dinner.

Ideally I would like a place like La Buca, one of my favourite places in Vancouver
(together with Vij’s and Blue Water Café). Backup plan is a good Chinese restaurant in Richmond.


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  1. I have not been, but this place gets raves:
    (I do not know Whiterock at all).

    1. if you want to stay near the ferries, i would suggest mario'skitchen in tsawwassen, for a casual family place. ribs and pizza are very good. Illuminate is great too( no website, but google illuminate tsawwassen for directions) , but perhaps not as casual. dinner's range in the 20-25 but the food is very good. my biggest complaint about south delta ( tsawwassen/ladner) is the lack of good restaurants.

      1. In Ladner, which is right by Tsawassen, there's a very popular greek place. I can't remember the name but everyone goes there. As well, there's the La Belle Auberge. I've never been but have heard good things about it. The chef has an amazing culinary background and was mentor to Scott Jaeger of Pear Tree when he went for the world competition.

        I second Pearl on the Rock in White Rock.

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          taverna gorgona. i have mixed feelings about it. i found the prices high for the quality of food and service inconsistant

          1. re: mumlikeyum

            Thank you for all your suggestions.
            My sons were already in Vancouver when I arrived so we ended up at La Buca that night.

            The next night, however, my colleagues and I dined at the "Pearl on the Rock " in White Rock and were impressed. I had the mussels for appetizer and the sable fish as a main. They were both excellent. The sable fish came on top of a slice of pork belly, sides of tempura oysters, and potatoes with all worked well except for the tempura which was too salty and a bit oily. Had a taste of the creme brulee for dessert and it was very good. My companions were happy with their choices ( two more sable fish, one order of scallops and one snapper )
            I found the wine list on the pricey side ( meaning the markups seemed higher than usual) and the number of wines in the $50-60 range was limited. We had also considered Giraffe and Boathouse, but the austere room at the Pearl appealed to us. Service was very good. I would go back