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Mar 2, 2009 11:53 AM


looking for a byob to accomodate 60 or so people in or somewhat near east brunswick
any ideas? will go as far north as edison and south as manalapan.

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  1. maybe try a local shrine club or elks lodge, or some other local group with a space for rent. it's likely they'll have a stage and a kitchen, along with a bar you can setup somewhere in the facility. then you can have the event catered or use their kitchen and grills.

      1. For a weekend? Afternoon? Evening? What price range are you looking for?

        1. As charmel indicated, it would be helpful if you would provide us with additional specifics such as cuisine preferences and budget. That said, I would suggest the following:

          Thai Chili, in Spotswood --

          Maramar Turkish Cuisine, in Manalapan --

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            1. re: lludra

              Corvino's on Rte 130 North Brunswick is a BYOB which opens Sun afternoon for private parties only. The food and atmosphere are very nice.

          1. Brioso's in Manalapan (might be listed under Morganville), Route 9 North. Charming place...would probably give you whole restaurant for a Sunday afternoon..BYO