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Mar 2, 2009 11:47 AM

Seattle Latte Art


I had seen pictures of it before, but while down in Portland this last weekend I purchased my first latte with artwork in the foam. I realize it was very simple, it was just a leaf, but I still found it very cool. With the caveat that the bean needs to be as good as the art, which Seattle Coffee House does some cool things with Latte art?

Billy Bob

Here is a picture of my latte leaf artwork

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  1. I think Vivace in Seattle was the first to do this coffee art in Seattle...maybe in the US? I'm pulling that out of my a*s but I feel like I had heard that somewhere. They still do beautiful coffee art (get the coffee "for here" for the best examples). They even have framed photos of the standout creations.

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      I have been a loyal follower of David Schomer for over 35 years....the owner of Vivace in Seattle.
      David began his work on a kiosk on Capitol Hill approximately 35 years ago, where I first met him, and his artwork was/is is his coffee.

    2. I've gotten leaves, shamrocks, and other designs from Zeitgeist, Victrola, Vivace, even Ladro on occasion. It's just a trick of the wrist when pouring the steamed milk.

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      1. Papawow,

        Thanks for the link and I like your site. Thanks for sharing.

        Billy Bob