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Mar 2, 2009 11:42 AM

Best steakhouse near/in/ or around Naples, FL

Hey all coming to Naples with my buddies in a little less than a week and want to know what the best steakhouses are in the area. I am from NY so I would love to try a place that we don't have here? Anything unique to Florida that we cannot get home? Or are the best chains like Ruths Chris, Capital Grille, Fleming's etc.

I have heard that Andre's and Preston's are good. Thoughts??

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  1. Hurry and make your reservations for Preston's. I live here, and there is no better in Naples, and it ranks with the best anywhere. The guy really knows how to cook a steak...and the sides , plus his wife's(it's a family owned place) cakes are unbelievable!
    Hurry it is a small place with a loyal following.

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      Cool they dont have a site or menu you know of anywhere that has it and if not what do you recommend???????????

      1. re: steakrules85

        My order last week...Bone in New york strip, wife always gets the bone in Filet. Creamed spinach, skillet potatoes, portabella mushrooms, and you could start with the deviled eggs, lump crabmeat, and I could go on. She does an incredible Chocolate Cake and Coconut cake.

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          Thanks I will definitely keep Preston's in mind.

    2. I recommend Strip House. Was there this summer and had an amazing steak - charbroiled which I really dug. I think you have SH in NYC but the outpost here is pretty great with a sexy bordello decor. The scallops app. was incredibly tasty and the goose fat potatoes was more like a giant tater tot (okay, but maybe too heavy). A hug slab of chocolate layer cake that we barely finished for dessert was gluttonously good.

      Also had a lovely steak at Baleen at the La Playa Resort. Nice waterfront patio seating, too.

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        LOL the Strip House is amazing and one of my favorite steakhouses. Problem is the one here in New York is the original and I want to try something unique to Florida.

      2. Preston's has been slammed here and I would avoid it. Andre's was good years ago but as more competition has entered the market and decreased their sales, quality has really gone downhill. I love Strip House and Capital Grille but a good local option would be Chops-in downtown Naples or Bonita Springs. They dry age their steaks. However, it's not strictly a steak house and they have excellent seafood and fusion cuisine.

        This was a recent posting on Preston's

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          There is no better than Preston's.

          1. re: hunca

            Seems like very mixed reviews people either hate Preston's or they hate it. Tough decision lol.

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              I had a great dinner. Had a bad dinner at Strip House and wouldn't go back for anything even free!

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                We went to Preston's last fall with business associates. All were disappointed. I was so unimpressed that I do not remember anything about it other than the poor wine selection and drudge of a waiter.

          2. A few years ago MsRev was out of town and I thought I would try Preston's. When dining alone I prefer to eat at the bar, hopefully watching some sporting event. When I walked in I thought I had taken a wrong turn and entered a nursing home. This is Florida but it was still a bit unnerving. They had no bar. I perused the menu and wine list and was taken aback by the high prices for both food and wine. I still may have dined there but the menu was unbelievably old and boring. The side dishes were as drab as could be. Wines by the glass were lousy and expensive. Maybe what they do they do very very well. I just couldn't deal with it alone that night.

            Many steak houses do great steak. If you have good prime meat and cook it perfectly, it's a great steak. I believe what distinguishes steak restaurants are the sides and the wine lists. Strip House has an excellent caesar salad and goose fat potates to die for. The wine list is overpriced, like with most steak houses, but they have some good wines by the glass. You can byob for $25. Capital Grille also has an excellent caesar and very good wedge salad. Lobster mac and cheese is the best I've ever had. Sauteed mushrooms and parmesan fries are delicious. The wine list of course is expensive but with good wines by the glass. They have a byob policy also. I rate Flemming's the same, however their wine offerings are incredible.

            I guess I will have to try Preston's sometime and make my own decision. I would prefer to buy local.

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            1. re: RevrendAndy

              If you read my post I would like to try something I cannot get in NYC.

              1. re: steakrules85

                I understand you want something local. That's why I recommended Chops. I was just doing a mini Santelli rant on steak houses.

            2. compared to Morton's, Smith and Wolenski's (sp?), The Palm, Capital Grille, Strip House--Preston's food beats it hands down. you don't go there for the atmosphere but to spend time with someone you want to spend a meal with (its the last place i would go alone). i also bring my own wine and pay the corkage and drink a splendid wine. the only place that may be better is Spark's but you don't have to worry about a mafia hit taking place in the next booth. you can even go back and see the owner grilling the steaks over a charcoal grill if you ask nicely...and it does have one the best choc cakes i ever had (the Contessa, barefoot or otherwise would be jealous).