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Mar 2, 2009 11:36 AM

Pork Loin & Peach Chipotle Jam

I'm usually a recipe kind of person, but at the Farmer's Mkt. this weekend I had an idea that sounded good to me. I purchase various oils, vinegars, cheeses and jams from a gentleman at our local market regularly. Well yesterday he had a new jam...Peach Chipotle! It is fabulous. I immediately thought of this pork loin I just bought and put in the freezer.

How would you great cooks out there suggest I use the jam with the pork loin? I would love to really get that sweet, spicy flavor married with the pork, but I want to make sure it doesn't burn because of the high sugar content of the jam. Sear in a skillet, roast for a while than add the jam as a glaze? Marinade in the jam and other seasonings overnight and then roast in a bag to help keep moist and burning down?

I really appreciate any suggestions...especially in terms of methods, times, temperatures and seasonings (aside from the jam). And if I could end up with a bit of sauce of some sort to serve with the pork when finished...that would be swell!

Thanks for the help...I'm cooking a lot more with the addition of new boyfriend...and I think he would love this combination!


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  1. I'd be hesitant to have the jam on the pork throughout the cooking process; the sugar is going to burn pretty easily. My inclination would be to melt the jam and dilute it with some chicken stock, then brush some on as a glaze near the end of the cooking process and serve the remainder as a sauce. You won't get the flavor infused into the pork, but you'll at least have some in each bite.

    1. I would Braise the pork roast with the jam, low and slow - 225-250F in a fairly close fitting casserole dish with cover. Put the roast in the dish, add water to come a little more than half way up the side of the meat. Slather on the Jam across the top of the roast. Cover and cook at least 1 hour per pound. Check the temp and then decide if you want your roast more done or not.

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        Aren't pork loins too lean to braise?

      2. You can roast this with the glaze from the start in a medium (350) oven. Just keep glazing throughout the process. I made something similar recently with a fruit/pepper jelly and added some herbs (it was likely thyme or marjoram since that's what's been the frig this season). Like all low-fat pork cuts, brine before hand. When the pork is ready (at 157) pull, remove from the pan, and cover. In the pan, defat and deglaze with wine or stock. reduce, add a scant amount of cream/milk , season and serve.