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Mar 2, 2009 11:17 AM

Sunset Grill?

Any news on the Sunset Grill ever reopening....???

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  1. I heard it is now the restaurant at the Maple Moor Golf Course. Some CH'ers have been and reported on it, you might try to do a search.

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    1. re: pobo

      It opened and closed at Maple Moor. They had an article in the journal saying they were going to renovate and make improvements and was supposed to reopen. I was only open about a month at Maple Moor. I had gone for dinner when it reopened and was disappointed as were other chouwhounders.

      1. re: kaaaassss

        Just to clarify, Sunset Grille is not reopening @ Maple Moor. It is now the Maple Moor Grill. If anyone tries it, please post a report.

        R.I.P. Sunset Grille-- gonna miss those pomegranite martinis!

        1. re: Dim Sum Diva

          that's a shame. I guess some things are better left not to open again....Thanks for the update..

    2. wow that was a weird open-close-reopen situation. and it caused such a ruckus on here. wonder what happened. hmmmm