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Place Des Vosges Area Recs

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I am going to be staying near Place des Vosges near off of Rue St Antoine and was looking for some relatively low key neighborhoody recs in the area. I already have my high profile dinners planned for my stay, but I'm just looking for some bistro-ish places that you would have to live there to know about to fill in the gaps.

Also, can anyone reccomend some local restaurant review websites that I can browse? I speak french so language isn't a problem. I've been reccomended to restoaparis.com which i've looked at, but its basically like this site which isn't geographically based. I was looking more for something like menupages or citysearch where you can type in the neighborhood and find places.


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  1. Cafe Hugo and Cafe Creme are upscale in terms of the food but still reasonablly priced. Also, the Marais( parislemarais.com) has it's own web site as well. There must be dozens of great places, all within a short walk. Great area for a leisurely walkabout.

    1. Chez Jeannot (not sure of spelling). It's on the rue des Tournelles not far from the place des Vosges. Bustling atmospher, not exceptional, but honestly cooked, and with reasonably priced bistro fair. They specialise in pastis, if you're into such things, and if you stick to the house wine - cotes de gasgogne, it wont break the bank,

      1. I think you mean the very good:
        Chez Janou
        2, Roger Verlomme
        Paris - 75003
        01 41 72 28 41
        (it's set back right on the corner of
        rue Tournelles - you can't miss it)

        another local favorite in that area is the Italian:
        Gli Angeli
        5, Rue St Gilles
        75003 Paris, France
        +33 1 42 71 05 80

        1. Robert and Louise on Rue Vieille du Temple is a short walk, fairly priced and will fill a meat fix very well. If you head the other way, towards the Bastille, there is C'Amelot on Rue Amelot, used to be quite nice.

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            Unfortunately Au C'Amelot has been closed for a couple of years and the successor is reportedly not as good. Just to the south of Pl. des Vosges is a good little text-book bistro called Les Cotelettes, formerly called l'Impasse on the Impasse Guéménée which is a short dead-end street off of Saint-Antoine.

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              Thanks, will erase it from my book

          2. Also in the Bastille direction, I like the Café de l'Industrie a lot. It's unassuming with very decent food and also a great place to hang out.

            1. I have stayed on the rue St. Antoine near the St. Paul metro stop several times, and there are plenty of wonderful restaurants nearby. Chez Janou is one of our favorite bistros. There are 3 or 4 neighborhood places (with outdoor seating in nice weather) on the Place du Marche St. Catherine, which is half a block off the rue St. Antoine, and several more on the bordering rue Jarente , including Auberge de Jarente (which was being renovated in December 2008) and Les Bougresses (which was our alternative, and excellent). In the direction of the Hotel de Ville are Le Petit Picard (42, Rue de la Bretonnerie), Monjul (28, rue des blancs manteaux) and Les Philosophes (Rue Vieille du Temple). The rue St. Antoine also has wonderful bakeries and speciality shops, including two that have amazing terrines of fois gras and other meats (Comtesse du Barry and ??) about a block from one another, making for ideal culinary take-home treats.

              1. A storefront sort of pizzeria with fabulous wood-charred crust is Pizza Momo on Rue St Antoine. My friend & I stayed on Rue de Rivoli and walked to Pizza Momo for dinner every other night. It was so addictive and reasonable. It is 'way superior to any alleged great pizza joints in Manhattan.

                1. when i lived in that area i regularly went to Cafe des musees (corner of rue de turenne and rue st gilles) and breizh cafe (rue vieille du temple).
                  there's also a place called le petit marché that is on rue de béarn that is quite good (i've only been there for lunch, but i have a number of friends who assure me that the dinner is just as good)
                  try the fooding guide to search restaurants by area: http://www.lefooding.com/guide.htm

                  1. I don't know if it's still there, as places open and close, but there was a place right on the Place called Coconnas (2 bis, Place des Vosges - tel. 01-42-78-58-16). What drew us in was the perfume of roasting meats and the enormous rotisserie that we could see from the window. I can't remember the details now but, as long as you're going to be in the neighborhood, it's definitely worth looking into.

                    1. Walk down the rue St. Paul a couple of blocks to the corner of rue des Lions St. Paul. You'll find a small, neighborhood wine bar with very good food. It's called the Rouge Gorge. It's run by two women who owned it, sold it, and bought it back last year. Flaire is the chef and Melodie is up front. I think they are only open Wed-Sun, but I'll check next time I walk by, which is every day. I live just around the corner.

                      Of course, don't miss going to Jacques Genin - chocolaterie and dessert café. It's not that far from the pl. des Vosges. You'll find much about him elsewhere on this board.

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                        I'm a huge fan of Le Rouge Gorge. Found it on my own 10 years ago, went back 5 years ago and again last year and loved it each time (didn't know about the selling thing). Plan to go again next week when I'm in town. Very unpretentious, surprisingly good food and a nice wine selection.

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                          Sentimental note. We took the late lamented Maurice (Chowhound star) to the Rouge Gorge because we wanted to try it. He obviously hated it and left all his food, though politely blamed that on the martinis we'd given him.

                      2. I really enjoy Ma Bourgogne and mainly go to get my fix of Steak Tartare. I enjoy sitting outside under the heat lamps. I don't know the exact address, but if you come from the direction of the Carnavalet Museum to the Place des Vosges, it's on the corner on the right, across from the Place des Vosges. Admittedly, I go for my large meal of the day and we'll sit through a long meal with wine and dessert and watch the goings on in the square. A wonderful way to spend an afternoon in my opinion.

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                          I've been twice to Ma Bourgogne and would not recommend it except for the setting and and attractiveness of the place: The second time I went was last year, with some visitors who really wanted to eat at the Pl des Vosges: They liked it: I thought it was marginal at best, and the salmon couilibiac was awful. Either frozen and thawed, or sitting around too long and getting soggy.

                          Perhaps if one sticks to the uncooked items, e:g:; the steak tartare; it's fine:

                        2. Have you been yet? Am I too late? We went to Les Côtelettes, off St Antoine
                          4, Impasse Guéménée. Fresh food, from market to table, wonderful wines, friendly staff, relaxing and delicious. Cheeses that were superb and a great time.

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                            We just went and lived a block away from the Place des Vosges... and would recommend La Petit Marche, at 9 Rue de Bearn, 2 or 3 blocks from the Place des Vosges. Since we did not have a reservation, we sat outside under the heat lamps, and the food was excellent.

                            We had the Raw Tuna with Tortilla, Saint-Pierre fish, and the Filet Mignon de Porc (my dish, and it was delish!).

                          2. La Guirlande de Julie!

                            1. I have come across just what you want: Les Cotellets. About a year ago, new people took over an old stone wall, old wood, bistro said to have been a Simenon haunt. It's between Bastille and the Place des Voges and gets an appreciative listing in Lebey. We had the 15 euro lunch formule the other day. Delicious eggs with cream, mushroom and lardons (the other first course choice that day was salad Paysanne) and pleasant beef stew with pasta and roast cod with vegetable puree. Excellent bread. Off formule dishes were fancier of course. All the otjher customers were French.
                              Les Cotelletes, 4 Impasse Guemenee. Tel (0)1 42 72 08 45. Metro Bastille or St Paul.

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                                i've been wanting to try les cotelettes - they have a website http://www.lescotelettes.com/historiq... (it has an english option)

                              2. Tiny, pretty, inexpensive, new (weeks old) Moroccan restaurant and tea/coffee shop has just opened between Bastille and Place des Voges. Plat de Jour and one other dish 10.90 euros. Meals light and cooked by woman in headscarf . Take out. No alcahol just teas, coffees, infusions, and exotic fresh fruit drinks.
                                Saveurs d'Atika, 14 Rue de Tournelles, 75004. Tel 01 42 77 65 95