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Mar 2, 2009 10:44 AM

Place Des Vosges Area Recs

I am going to be staying near Place des Vosges near off of Rue St Antoine and was looking for some relatively low key neighborhoody recs in the area. I already have my high profile dinners planned for my stay, but I'm just looking for some bistro-ish places that you would have to live there to know about to fill in the gaps.

Also, can anyone reccomend some local restaurant review websites that I can browse? I speak french so language isn't a problem. I've been reccomended to which i've looked at, but its basically like this site which isn't geographically based. I was looking more for something like menupages or citysearch where you can type in the neighborhood and find places.


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  1. Cafe Hugo and Cafe Creme are upscale in terms of the food but still reasonablly priced. Also, the Marais( has it's own web site as well. There must be dozens of great places, all within a short walk. Great area for a leisurely walkabout.

    1. Chez Jeannot (not sure of spelling). It's on the rue des Tournelles not far from the place des Vosges. Bustling atmospher, not exceptional, but honestly cooked, and with reasonably priced bistro fair. They specialise in pastis, if you're into such things, and if you stick to the house wine - cotes de gasgogne, it wont break the bank,

      1. I think you mean the very good:
        Chez Janou
        2, Roger Verlomme
        Paris - 75003
        01 41 72 28 41
        (it's set back right on the corner of
        rue Tournelles - you can't miss it)

        another local favorite in that area is the Italian:
        Gli Angeli
        5, Rue St Gilles
        75003 Paris, France
        +33 1 42 71 05 80

        1. Robert and Louise on Rue Vieille du Temple is a short walk, fairly priced and will fill a meat fix very well. If you head the other way, towards the Bastille, there is C'Amelot on Rue Amelot, used to be quite nice.

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            Unfortunately Au C'Amelot has been closed for a couple of years and the successor is reportedly not as good. Just to the south of Pl. des Vosges is a good little text-book bistro called Les Cotelettes, formerly called l'Impasse on the Impasse Guéménée which is a short dead-end street off of Saint-Antoine.

          2. Also in the Bastille direction, I like the Café de l'Industrie a lot. It's unassuming with very decent food and also a great place to hang out.