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Pizzeria Mozza Review

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My 51 first birthday celebration review 2-28-2009

Bone Marrow al forno 8 / 10
Bread was perfectly toasted , bones were straight out of the over very hot marrow perfect

Insalata mista 5 / 10
Nothing special (per my wife)

Speck 0/10
The speck never showed up at the table but was on the bill

Prosciutto di Parma, rucola, tomato & mozzarella pizza 9 / 10
Wife loved her pizza loved the crust

Clam Pizza 7 / 10
The taste of the pizza was very good I liked the crunch of the crust but needed more clams

Butterscotch budino 9 / 10
Wife loved the budino

Service 3 /10
When we arrived we were asked if we wanter tap or bottled water we oped for the tap water when the bill arrived they charged $6.00 each !!!!!! $12.00 for tap water thats BULL $HIT.
When I worked at a water district in the 80's water was $1.07 per unit. One unit was 1000 cubic feet of water or 7,480 gallons get the picture.
The couple that sat next to us knew someone in the restaurant they had 2 waiters, two bus boys and the hostess helping them the rest of the evening

Rating 5.85

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  1. The charge for tap water had to be a mistake! I wasn't charged for tap water on my last visit about three weeks ago.

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    1. re: whatsfordinner

      The charge for tap water is a new thing in restaurants. Instead of buying spring water they have a machine called "Natura". It filters and bottles tap water. It even carbonates tap water. Restaurants really should not be charging for it or using it instead of spring water. If you call it to the managers attention, they are usually so embarrassed they remove it from the bill... FYI

      1. re: lambrusche

        And then they use the VOSS bottles, wide mouth, easy to refill.
        Notice whenever they bring one to your table it's never sealed.

    2. Wow, so they charged you for speck that never showed up, $6 per person for tap water...wow.

      1. How did you resolve the incorrect charges?

        1. Imagine if you ordered the bottled water.

          1. At the "Hungry Cat" in Hollywood I had something similar happen. That however was more my fault. The waitress asked, "sparkling or flat water?" Thinking "flat" meant "tap" I said flat not taking into my classier-then-I'm-used-to surroundings into consideration. I learned my lesson 6 or so dollars later that's for sure.

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            1. re: ReelMike84

              At Mix in Las Vegas, you have a choice of bottled water only, at 12 a pop, makes me wonder do they cook pasta in bottled water and fill their dishwasher with bottled water.

            2. they don't charge for tap water. sounds like you just got a bad case of waitstaff.

              also - a rating of 5.85 seems silly given that the food you did eat - save for the boring salad - was all excellent. it's a great restaurant that has some serious issues with staff at times. i think it's worth it - but if you don't, there's more room for the rest of us.

              1. So you gave Mozza 5.85 out of 10. Interesting. I, too, was at Pizzaria Mozza recently and wrote this: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/590577 I've eaten pizza all over the United States and Europe and her crust is the finest I've had anywhere. Regardless of the mistake in billing you for tap water I think I would have focused more on the pizza, especially the crust, and less on the water.

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                1. re: Joe H

                  Well if my math is right the rating is 5.85. But if I remove the service and the speck the rating would be 7.67. The food was very good and we both enjoyed our meal. But going to a restaurant is not always about the food its the whole experience. You can go to the Cut, Water Grill etc. and wait two hours to be seated after you have a 6:00 reservation order your favorite wine to find out that the last bottle was sold one hour before your were seated. Have the wait staff ignore your party. But the bone in rib eye was the best you ever ate.

                  1. re: WSB

                    You're absolutely correct, except for one small detail: Mozza is not a restaurant, it's a cult. Any critique of ZZ is considered heresy ( at least in this board ).

                    1. re: RicRios

                      Not really. It's a popular restaurant and like all popular restaurants, more people like it than not. The Mozzas are not without fault, no restaurant is (except maybe Urasawa). But for most people, the pros vastly outweigh the cons.

                      What's absurd is when people who have never been to Mozza complain about the noise level or when those that like Mozza are actually criticized for being "trendy" or "lacking in taste".

                      1. re: Porthos

                        Pizzaria Mozza had several dishes which were weaker than I expected. Also, in my post linked above I did not say this was the best pizza I've ever had. It's not. But it's awfully good. Still, I have a great deal of respect for her crust: it was absolutely superb and made the pie. It is because of the crust that despite living on the East Coast Mozza will be my first stop when I return to L. A. in a month or so on business. Also, to visit Jose Andres' new restaurant. His MiniBar within Cafe Atlantico has been an institution here (D. C.) and having been only several weeks ago it will be interesting to compare some of the same dishes. While on this topic I have to mention the L. A. Times' review which gave him four stars: only once and then in passing was his connection to D. C. mentioned. Anyone reading it would have thought that he moved almost directly from Barcelona or El Bulli to L. A.

                        He has seven restaurants in the Washington, D. C. area with the first having opened-and he in the kitchen-15 years ago.

                  2. re: Joe H

                    Joe, you owe it to yourself to try Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix. I found the crust to be superior to PM's. I like PM a lot. PB is better.

                    1. re: Wolfgang

                      Thank you for the recommendation, Wolfgang. I've heard that Pizzaria Bianco could have as fine of pizza as literally anywhere on earth, in part because of the crust. I travel to Phoenix occasionally on business and will definitely try it.

                  3. That's an unfortunate experience.

                    I lunched there a couple of weeks ago - bean bruschetta, fried squash blossoms, goat cheese pizza, mushroom pizza, and the butterscotch budino - all were AMAZING with top marks to the bruschetta, the mushrooms, and the budino. Oh, and the rosemary biscuits, great! The wait was long with no reservations but you do what you have to.

                    What really was outstanding was the service - flawless, relaxed and most importantly the food came out fresh and hot and fast, right out of the kitchen - the blossoms could be savored at their peak perfection with no sitting around time.

                    No charge for tap water - and I actually like the fact that rather than serve by the glass, the wine comes in 250ml carafes. The barbera d'asti at least was extremely good.

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                    1. re: paulfromla

                      I wish every restaurant would serve wines-by-the-glass from small carafes. Wine aerates better and tastes better when it's poured in small amounts into the glass.

                      Most places don't do that, of course, so I've gotten into the habit of asking for an additional (empty) glass and use the original as a carafe.

                    2. Congratulations! You've justed posted the 1,000th Mozza review.