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Smoked Eel and Smoked Haddock Sightings?

I will confess that I've not looked for either yet, and will report back if I find them, but would be grateful if anyone happens to know where to find either of these delicacies.


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  1. The fishmonger on Wednesday at Union Square Market occaisionally had smoked eel.
    As for haddock, perhaps you canask them.

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      Thanks. I was at the Lobster Place in Chelsea Market this morning and the person to whom I spoke had no idea what I was talking about when I inquired about these two things. I know that a poster in North Carolina got her local Whole Foods to procure some smoked haddock for her a while back.

    2. A month or so back, Citarella's on the Upper West had smoked eel. Not sure if they still have it in stock though ...

      1. Try calling Myers of Keswick's as they should carry them.

        1. MMRuth,

          Were you able to find smoked eel and haddock?

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            No, but I haven't really been looking, and haven't been to most of my usual grocery store haunts lately.

          2. Petrossian (58th and 7th) should have smoked eel.

            1. I asked my local fishmonger about these. (Pisacane on First and 52nd Street) They no longer carry smoked eel because there is little call for it in the neighborhood.

              They currently have smoked haddock, frozen. They often have it fresh but they buy it is large quantities so they have to freeze what they do not sell. I believe they can get the fresh for you; their number is:

              212-752-7560 940 First Avenue

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                Thank you - I like that market and it's a good excuse to hit Ideal Cheese as well! I appreciate your asking for me.

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                  A few years ago, when searching in NYC for smoked haddock for our New Year's Eve Kedgeree, Wild Edibles suggested ordering directly from Stonington Seafood, which is where they said they got theirs. It is superb smoked haddock, albeit very expensive...http://www.stoningtonseafood.com/

              2. Just to update this - I was at Russ & Daughters yesterday morning, and asked about these. I was told that they are working on importing smoked eel from The Netherlands, and that they used to carry smoked haddock but don't any more as there was little demand.

                1. I think Despana (Nolita) carries it.

                  1. Confirmed "Smoked Haddock Sighting" in New York. Purchased 2 lbs fresh at The Butcher's Block, an Irish meat and grocery market in Sunnyvale, Queens. Great little store, alive and well, and the smoked haddock was fresh and in good supply.

                    43-46 41st St
                    Sunnyside, NY 11104

                    (718) 784-1078

                    Also interesting fresh Irish/English pork favorites (rashers, bangers, irish ham, bacon shanks, etc)

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                      Thanks for that! Sounds like it would be a good outing. I did buy some smoked haddock up in Maine this summer that is in the freezer - I need to remember to get it out and do something with it.