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Mar 2, 2009 10:01 AM

Lidia's (Pgh) revisted

Had dinner at Lidia's on Saturday, and I am searching my memory to recall better service than we had on this vist. The food was very good--the pasta trio is hit or miss depending on your tastes and what is being served, but I can always find at least one of the three that is spot on. My wife had the Pollo con Limone & Olives and it was outstanding as was the Frico as an appetizer (sort of a quesadilla with cheese as the tortilla, stuffed with potato, onion, leek, and mushroom). The wines by the class are fairly limited but quite nice and relatively affordable, from the $8 Montelpuciano to the $16 Super Tuscan. The latter wine was poured at the table with a really nice crystal stem.

Back to the service--I can't tell you how starved I have been for service like this in Pgh. My wine glass was never empty, and the server was extremly knowledgable on the wines and pairings. He also did not overly push the Bastianich wines, either! Gracious, attentive, and extremely effficient. I hope that this was not an anomaly as I have not seen this dedicated and precise level of service in the Burgh in the 12 years that I have lived here.

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  1. I've always enjoyed my visits to Lidia's for brunch and never understood how often the places gets a negative review on here.

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      I'm with you Rick...I've never had a bad experience there. Actually just the opposite..It's always been tremendous.

    2. I'm glad you enjoyed your meal at Lidia's. It seems like there is a love-hate relationship with Lidia's. I had brunch there about a year ago and I really enjoyed it.

      1. I agree with the folks who have always had good experiences at Lidia's. But in these tough times, any restaurant that wants to survive has to keep their service at a high level.

        1. My wife and I have dined at Lidia's three times in the last three years (on various trips to Pittsburgh from our home in Baltimore). The brunch was the best value for a brunch I can recall in a long time, and dinner is certainly above average. Service is terrific and the room is very attractive. And easy to park. I am also mystified when I see Lidia's get harsh treatment on this forum.

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            We actually just had brunch here this past weekend. The service was great, as was the food. Just like jkosnett said, the brunch is a very good value too, even if they did recently raise the price to $22, bloody mary or mimosa included.

          2. The original comment has been removed