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Mar 2, 2009 09:51 AM

Monoprix - Sauternes and Fruit Schnapps

I found a very inexpensive bottle of Monoprix Sauternes today and wanted to know if anyone has tried it.

Also, when I was in Austria they had fruit schnapps made from ream fruit. Does anyone know if they sell this in Paris at Monoprix or elsewhere and what it migh be called? Thank you.

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  1. Whilst there is usually less correlation between price and quality at the mid to upper price points, I usually find a direct correlation at the lower end. Cheap wines are usually poor quality.

    1. French 'scnapps' type things come in two modes. Eau de Vie, which is a liquor distilled directly from the fruit and many of the best come from Alsace, makers Schmitt and Massenez. They also make a fruit liqueur, same manufacturers that are sweeter and far less alcohol that are wonderful as well. Especially the pear by Massenez. Price always seemed the same regardless of venue.

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        Forgive my ignorance, but what is a "ream?"
        Or do you mean "real" fruit? If so, Delucacheesemonger's post answers your question. Oddly enough, in the tourist-trap boutiques - not duty-free - at Orly, Roissy, and even Beauvais airports, I've found reasonably priced (cheaper than in Paris) eau de vie de poire, and mirabelle.

        For the Sauternes, for the same price you might be better off buying a less prestigious but cheaper sweet wine - Montbazillac, Loupiac, Cotes de Jurancon, or varietal Muscat.... Some of the "chicer" Monoprix have good cellar personal who'll happily advise you. If this isn't the case with your Monoprix, try and find an independantly run wine shop where they know their business (in my experience, this description DOESN'T fit shops in the 'Nicolas' chain). I like Juhles on the rue de Faubourg Saint Denis, but if this isn't convenient for you, I'm sure that if you trawl this board you'll find others.

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          there are two Monoprix I know of that seem to have a better wine section than your average Monoprix. One is on Avenue l'Opera fairly clost to the Pyramides metro, the other is on Rue de Rennes close to where Rennes meets Blvd St Germain. Both have an entire basement dedicated to foods. For Monoprix, the wine & spirits selection seems to be above average at both of these locations.

        2. re: Delucacheesemonger

          A very limited selection of alsatian eaux de vie is available in Paris, and you can certainly get apple, pear, mirabelle and Kirschwasser. But generally speaking, Paris is not a good place to look for Obstgeist, the type of Schnapps I think this person is asking about. Himbeergeist, Blaubeer-Geist, Schwarzer-Johannisbeere-Geist, Quetsche-Geist, Quitte-Geist ... if the point of comparison is South Germany or Austria, there's no comparison between the selections. It's a Central European product, and you really want to go there to get it (that's where I buy mine, anyhow).

          1. re: tmso

            Thanks for clarification. Nice to learn something.