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Mar 2, 2009 09:38 AM

Party in Santa Monica

I am looking to plan a birthday party in santa monica for about 40 people. Any ideas on good venues? I was looking for a place for dinner and drinks afterwards. Thanks!

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  1. A little more information would probably get you better feedback. What sort of crowd? Families with toddlers? 20 somethings? 50 somethings?

    Food choices? Private room needed? Budget per person?

    1. Budget is also helpful

      1. I have done several parties at Typhoon located at the southern end of the Santa Monica Airport The food is served family style like in most Asian restaurants. The atmosphere really lends itself to a fun party with a full bar . There is a sushi restaurant upstairs called The Hump. The Ma La dumplings are outstanding as an appetizer. If you are planning to pick up the whole's less expensive than everyone ordering separately. If you are interested I can tell you what my favorite dishes are there that are always a hit.