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Mar 2, 2009 09:27 AM

Flower Show Chinatown Recs

Headed to the Flower Show tonight with a group of six and was looking for recommendations in Chinatown. Looking for a quick, moderately priced Asian meal. Was thinking about heading to Vietnam, but always up for suggestions. Thanks.

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  1. For something different try Rangoon, (Burmese), or perhaps Dim Sum Garden for their soup dumplings.

    1. I'm personally more a fan of Vietnam Palace (I know it's the eternal debate between the two of them). Also second the rec for Rangoon.

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        i'm always changing my mind between the two! right now, vietnam palace has the slight edge for me because of the more comfortable dining room and bar, and ever so slightly better service (IMO). in all honesty my favorite vietnamese dishes taste excellent and similar at both.

        i went to rangoon the other day, and i do love that place. a large section of the apps and salads menu lean heavily on the deep fryer, just so you know before you go. not that there's anything wrong with that every once in awhile. :)

        yeah between those three you can't go wrong!

      2. I know I'm too late, but I still wanted to put in my two cents! I love Banana Leaf on Arch Street. I just had lunch there and every time I go I wonder why I don't go more. Delicious food, quick service, inexpensive. You gotta try it sometime!

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          Ditto Banana Leaf. I really enjoyed the food there when I went last summer--I think I had something Drunken-Noodle like (called something else), and it was nicely spicy. I had to keep blowing my nose, a hereditary response to spicy food, and my own personal barometer for when something is spicy enough. (It's a cross to bear, the blowing my nose but still really liking spicy food. Very sad.)

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            Also too late, but wanted to second both Rangoon and Banana Leaf for anyone who hasn't tried them. They're my two absolute favorites in Chinatown...although, of course, not Chinese.

            1. re: PhillyA

              We went to Banana Leaf last night after the flower show - somehow we have never been (so many restuarants, so little time) and I must say we loved it! Had the roti and crispy spicy squid for apps - the squid was amazing - the texture was unique and the flavor great. The Singapore noodles for the Chow spouse and Ginger duck lo mee for me! Both were exceptional with really wonderful depth and complexity of flavors. Best yet - $30 total. weeeeeee! We'll be back!

          2. I'm even later, but Sang Kee is my go-to place on 9th street.

            1. ah, it looks like we're heading out to the flower show (now - i know it's last minute!!)... given that i am siiiiiiiiick and horribly congested i need something that's going to light a fire in my throat. hrm.... i'll let you know where we end up. just went to rangoon. might check out banana leaf!

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                Hope you feel better rabi... Have you tried Szechuan Tasty house? Their Ban Ban Chicken or Chicken in Spicy sauce, along with their spicy dumplings will clear a head!

                1. re: cwdonald

                  thanks! no, haven't been to the szechuan tasty house - it's the little place i keep forgetting about!!! shoulda gone there and will next time!

                  when i walked into banana leaf it hit me i'd been there before, a few years prior. i remember not liking it then, and (for what it's worth with some seriously desensitized taste buds right now) i wasn't a fan today either... it's not vegetarian friendly (as skimming over the 'vegetables' menu clearly indicates!) so i decided to go with seafood. while my dish was nice and spicy (can't remember its name, but noodles with shrimp and squid was the description), i wondered where the seafood was in it! my SO got a shrimp fried rice too. between BOTH of our dishes there were a total of 6 average-sized shrimp, and in my dish about 5 smallish pieces of squid. and that was it for the seafood. one of the appetizers was really good - fried tofu stuffed with cucumber and covered with a tasty peanut sauce... but our seafood(less) dishes we put aside and went over to RTM for pretzels & ice cream. :)