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Mar 2, 2009 09:01 AM

Italy Honeymoon End of May

Hi, I am going on my honeymoon to Italy at the end of May-beginning of June. Our itinerary is as follows: 4 nights in Tuscany, staying at the Villa Mangiacane, which is approximately 10 minutes outside of Florence. The plan is to see Florence as well as Tuscany (probably Siena and Lucca). Then we are going to Positano for 3 nights where we are staying at the Poseidon. We are then spending 1 night in Capri, followed by the last 3 nights in Rome. Any suggestions on restaurants to visit? I have been told about Santo Padre in Rome and La Giostra in Florence? I am looking for other suggestions for Florence/Tuscany/Positano and Rome. We are looking for local restaurants, not too touristy! I would appreciate any advice! Thank you!

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  1. You plan to see Florence, Siena, and Lucca in 4 days? You will not have time to eat!

    From Postiano if you want to avoid tourists, your best bet is to take the bus or drive to Cetara which has some of the best food on the Amalfi coast.

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      TThanks for Cetara recommendation! In Tuscany, we plan on seeing Florence for one day and Siena for one day. (We may not end up making it to Lucca!) We will have 2 full days to relax at our hotel. We will also have a car to make it easier to get around.

    2. My SO and I stayed in Positano for a few days last May. We found the best dining to be in Montepertuso, a small village above Positano. We dined twice at Il Ritrovo and both times it was fabulous. If you call the restaurant they will come and pick you up at your hotel and drop you off after dinner. There are also a few other family-run type restaurants in Montepertuso, do a search of the board. There is also a great little grocery store where we bought olive oil and balsamic to bring home. We found the food in Positano itself to be overpriced and less interesting. We loved Italy so much that we are going back again at the beginning of May!

      Enjoy your trip!

      1. In Positano, I heartily recommend taking the Amalfi Tour with Salvatore the Fisherman. It is a fantastic boating and swimming excursion from Positano to Almafi. On the way back, you will be taken to an amazing restaurant on the beach where the owner will prepare what ever Salvatore caught fishing that morning along with a multi-course lunch that includes wine, limoncello, a chocolate liquor, and cherry liquor that you pour on your fruit. Your host Salvatore and his hostess, Gloria, will take good care of you. Salvatore is genuine, funny, and you will really enjoy his company. He also serenades you with Italian songs along the way. He is quite a character. We look forward to returning to Positano and will definitely be doing this again. Don't miss it.

        1. I don't think many Florentines frequent La Giostra...

          1. In Positano, where we also spent our Honeymoon 18 years ago, we would recommend the restaurants on the beach. Fresh seafood. Restaurants Cambusa and Chez Black.