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Mar 2, 2009 08:55 AM

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - Jerk Chicken @ Caribbean Wave

The Good:
I have eaten at the Real Jerk, Mr. Jerk, Albert's Real Jamaican, the jerk place upstairs from the burrito boys in the club district, and several other smaller shops in scarborough. By far, this place makes the absolute BEST jerk chicken I've had in the GTA.

The Bad:
The jerk chicken dish I had was excellent. But unfortunately, the service was not so good. It wasn't that the servers were rude or stuck up - some restaurants start to get a bit snobby once the reviews are positive...the problem was the system. It was a mess! We walked in and stood at the door for a minute as no one greeted us and offered us a seat. The reason was because the bar was surrounded by a hoard of take-out people and it seemed everyone was too busy to notice the dine-in customers. The waitresses who were serving were too occupied with serving to notice the new folk. Once we sat down, we again went unnoticed. After five minutes, I called the server over and she apologized and gave us menus. These guys need to look at how the Chinese run their business and follow their restaurant business model. For those of your who have been to "Congee Wong" you all know what I am talking about in terms of 'efficiencies".

The Ugly:
Let's admit great as Caribbean food is...the Caribbean decor style is not for everyone. The restaurant interior was simply ugly. They were going for a warm, tropical feel but failed miserably - probably because the renovations were done minimally as to save on finances. Keep in mind, the place is clean - I am not making a comment on their hygiene practices. The place felt a bit "ghetto" as the design/decor was a patch work at best. Summary: If you're all about the food and don't care where you go (even Scarborough) then this is the best place in the GTA for jerk chicken. Forget the god-awful decor, forget the inefficient serving process, if it's about the jerk chicken, go here.

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  1. where is it located?

    Also, any other dishes you would recommend there?

    1. This place comes up in the links.

      Caribbean Wave Ltd
      875 Milner Av, Toronto, ON M1B5N6, CA

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        It's quite out there for me, but hopefully I'll get to try it one day.

        Have you had Rap's jerk before? My favourite in the city...

        1. re: aser

          I found a link for Rap's, will try it when I'm in the area...

          1. re: jayt90

            With the caution that I haven't been there in a long time, Raps had the best I've tasted in Toronto. Best to go on weekend evenings in warm weather, when they have a pit going on the street out front.

            1. re: embee

              OMG, ended up at Rap's by chance today and remembered the name from this thread. The grilled chicken was out of this world! The guy behind the counter told us not to order anything else, the grilled chicken on the sidewalk grill would be the best meal ever, he promised we'd eat our fingers it would be so good. And WOW, it was amazing! Moist, tender, flavourful! Not too hot, but with a lingering smoky burn...I had to fight my husband off my dinner!

        2. An external list of Caribbean restaurants...

          It is by no means comprehensive - Raps is missing for example.

          1. For a really great take-out roti, you have to try Gerry's on St.Clair west (near Oakwwod, I believe). One of those little shabby take-away only spots you could blink and miss, but they can really cook! Their roti skins have a coarser peameal between the layers, which makes for a nice texture, and they load it full of meat, with very little potato filler, unlike most spots. I'm not sure how they can even turn a profit that way. Great flavours, but not spicy (break out the hot sauce). Ignore the patties, though, they're not very good.

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              1541 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON M6E, CA

              Caribbean Wave Ltd
              875 Milner Av, Toronto, ON M1B5N6, CA

              Gerry's Fast Food Restaurant
              724 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON M6C1B3, CA

            2. The Jerk Chicken at Caribbean Wave is not what was expected by me. Its saucy variation can't compare to Jamaican style jerk which is usually seasoned with a dry rub or with a gravy/hot sauce for heat. My work colleagues and I used to go quite frequently having worked around the corner, but the place has quickly turned into a West Indian "rum shop" and the service is horrible. We stopped going because our lunch hour was turning into an hour and a half due to the owner/staff's inability to recognize that we were not there to "lime", but to get our food quickly and get out the door. The best jerk in the city is on Eglington West and other spots throughout the city that use the method of smoking the meat in a steel drum, not pouring jerk sauce and throwing it in the oven.