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Mar 2, 2009 08:14 AM

MSP: Bar with room rental, good food.

This shouldn't be this hard but it's getting to be. I'm looking to rent a room off a bar, essentially a room for a private party for about 40 to 50 people some Saturday eve in April. I'd like people to order off a menu and go out and get there food or have it brought in to them as though they were at the "pub." Decent food would be wonderful. Town Hall said to call back and ask for Pete. Did so. He's never there and today they told me so such room exists there. The Glockenspiel (to give you an idea of where I've been looking) says to call some Czech society about their room, but they don't know the number and suggest "driving by and looking at the sign outside the place."

Urgh. Any suggestions for places you've done/attended this type of thing? Food you've had?

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  1. We're doing it @ Hells Kitchen in the rear bar area for a group about that size later this year. The room is private, has its own bar, they're great to work with, don't charge rental and have really reasonable minimums. They can either pre-make specified appetizers or snacks for you to set on/near the bar or on a buffet...or your guests can order right from the kitchen which has a guest pick-up window right off the bar. Great set-up. They also said that if you wish to host food or wine you can let them know a time frame or dollar amount you want to stay within and they'll accommodate.

    1. Sweeneys? i KNOW they have the rooms, the food is okay, very much typical bar food, but you said you wanted the "pub" experience. nice folks, fair prices. probably worth a call at least.

      Also in St Paul, and possibly not what you are looking for, but Moscow on the Hill has private rental space that would accomodate you. not sure how you feel about accordian music and flavored vodka, though.

      1. NE Bulldog has a back room/bar that would meet these requirements, though 50 people won't be able to do seated dinner at the same time.

        Lurcat will block off a portion of the bar for a party of this size, though I am not sure what the food and bev minimum would be.

        Solera could do it upstairs, you'd have your own bar, but again unsure of the food and bev minimum. Same goes for the lobby bars/lounges at Chambers and W, but you cannot eat sit-down in the lobby (only in the bars and downstairs).

        Stella's also has a room upstairs and I believe it would be a similar setup to Solera (though the food and drinks will not be as good or nearly as expensive).

        What is your budget per-person?

        1. Check out the Titanic Lounge at Kieran's Irish Pub downtown Mpls (they have pictures on their website). It doesn't get much more "pubby" than that. I attended a birthday party there a few years back, and it was a blast. The food was Irish (of course)--I thought it was tasty.

          1. McGoverns in St. Paul has a room you can rent - we had an office holiday party there a few years back with probably around 40 people and it was plenty of room. You have a server or two to yourself and order food off the menu, which the servers bring it in to you. The bar is just a few steps away from the room as I recall. Their food isn't mind-blowing, but their turkey sandwich is a board favorite, and other items range from passable to very good.

            Patrick McGovern's Pub
            225 7th St W, Saint Paul, MN 55102