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Mar 2, 2009 08:13 AM

Best food and best view in Baltimore

I will be celebrating a major birthday (don't ask!) over Memorial Day and 30-40 of my nearest and dearest will be with me. We're looking for a restaurant with wonderful food, great view or ambience, and room to accommodate a group. Any suggestions? I'd like Gertrude's at the BMA, but they don't reserve for such a large group. Thanks.

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  1. IMHO "Best Food" & "Best View" in a harbor or waterfront town is mutually exclusive. The real estate costs and taxes for waterfront property usually makes the ingedients and food a secondary consideration.

    1. Do you have a price range we can work with? I don't know if you'd be inclined to do this, but for such a large group, I would think you could cut a deal with the restaurant for a prix fixe menu.

      1. Judith, how about the Lebanese Taverna in Inner Harbor East? The restaurant is really pretty and has a view of the Harbor (from some tables). They also have a "large group and private dining" section on their website, so they can handle your party. I think the LT has a very festive atmosphere to boot, too.

        1. Watertable has an awesome view and room for a large group. I found the food to be so so, but maybe it was an off night. Here's the website: