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Mar 2, 2009 07:26 AM

Burger/Pizza places near Natick

Hi all,

I've been here about a year, and am still trying to find places to eat. I feel like I'm too far away from Boston to really find some favorites, but I was hoping someone could help me out.

I know about Casey's in Natick Center, but are there any great burger places near Natick? Five Guys in Dedham was farther away than I thought it would be, and I'm tired of driving 40 minutes to Red Robin in Milbury!

Also, if anyone's got recommendations for pizza, they'd be appreciated as well. North End Treats has fallen a little flat for me, and I like Nick's (the boyfriend prefers Pizza Peddler) but I just wanted to know if we'd missed a really great pizza spot. Thanks!

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  1. Not super close, but the burger at The Local in West Newton is really good. The fries finished with a tiny bit of rosemary are great when they are fresh out of the fryolator, although occasionally they're a little dry.

    1. Have you tried the Met Bar burger bar in the Natick Mall? I've also heard that Sel de la Terre in the mall has a good burger, though I wouldn't call that a burger place.

      1. How about JJ McKay's at the intersection of Rtes 27 and 30? A sorta townie place but decent burgers and fries and friendly bartenders.

        1. Met Bar in Natick Collection
          Chicken Bone Saloon on Rt. 135 in Framingham
          John Harvards Brewery in Framingham

          1. Andrea's Pizza on Edgell Road in Framingham....Nobscot....